SEGA unveils Sonic Forces Tag gameplay and brand new tunes

SEGA is all about Sonic today, unveiling two new videos for Sonic Forces. The first is a short clip showing Sonic Forces Tag Mode gameplay.

In Tag stages, Modern Sonic and the custom Hero team up to make use of Sonic’s boost power and homing attack together with the Hero’s Wispon and grappling hook to battle with and beat baddies. The video also reveals a brand new Wispon; the Cube Wispon.

The Cube Wispon can freeze enemies in place, inside blocks and then smash them to pieces.

The other video is an homage to one of Sonic’s best enemies, Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic makes his return in Sonic Forces and has only one thing on his mind. The destruction of Sonic.

The video above features the Vs. Metal Sonic Remix.

Sonic Forces will be available for PS4, Switch and Xbox One in 2017.

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Leo Stevenson
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