Take a look at 14-minutes of gameplay footage from Destiny 2’s European Deadzone

Warning, this post contains spoilers.

Gameplay footage from Destiny 2’s European Dead Zone has leaked today. The footage, which runs for around 14-minutes gives us our best look yet at the PvE structure of Destiny 2.

The footage shows how missions, public events, patrol and quest lines will function as well as showing off some NPCs. It appears that factions will return in Destiny 2, but will function differently to the first game.

In the video we see EDZ tokens drop as loot which Guardians are able to trade to NPCs for reputation gains in the open-world. We also see Dusklight Shards being a collectible that can also be traded for reputation gains with your chosen faction.

In the video, we see that on activating a public event the Guardian is granted a full Super charge. The gameplay footage shows a lot of mobs spawning on the public event, so it makes sense to give Guardians as much firepower as possible.

The footage also gives us a good look at the map. From this and the footage, clever Reddit users have been able to determine what some of the icons relate to.

The small cross-shaped icons show players the location of Regional Chests (i.e. Golden Chests) as we see the symbol appear both on the chest itself and on the HUD when opening one.

In Destiny, the Golden Chests were hidden and could only be opened once. It’s been theorised that these Regional Chests may reset every day and appear in new locations each time. That way, they can be used as a loot loop for collecting Faction tokens.

The video shows a lot of Destiny 2’s European Dead Zone and gives us a good idea of what to expect when on patrol.

Destiny 2 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6 and PC on October 24.

Source: PPE Polska

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