The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide – How to complete Eventide Island

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is filled with quests, secrets and surprises. One of the most surprising quests you can take part in is located at the very south-east of the map.

This small piece of land off the coast named Eventide Island is home to one of the more challenging quests in the game. The quest requires you to place three orbs in three altars, but without any of your collected equipment.


Link is stripped of all weapons, armour and food and is required to complete the island with whatever he can scavenge.

Even getting to the island is a challenge in itself. Using our guide, we’ll show you how to complete Eventide Island.


A Leap of Faith


To get to Eventide Island you’re going to need either to have upgraded your stamina substantially or a couple of stamina boosting elixer’s or meals. Make your way to the Muwo Jeem Shrine which is located just north of Soka Point and east of Cape Cales.

A good place to start is Luerlin Vilage. Head east and you’ll soon find your way. If you’ve not visited it before, be sure to activate the shrine so you can fast-travel back there if needed. Move around behind the shrine and further up the hill and you’ll come to a cliff overlooking the sea, with Eventide Island in the distance.


If you need to, take your stamina enhancing item then leap off and paraglide towards the left-hand side of the island. There is a small group of rocks sticking out of the water there and that’s your landing target.

The reason you want to land on these rocks instead of Eventide Island itself is that as soon as you step foot on the island, the quest starts and you’re unable to save. If you die, you’ll be placed back up near the Muwo Jeem Shrine and have to glide all the way again.


By landing on the rocks, you’re able to save your game and yourself some time.

Skirt the Edges

A handy little trick/exploit when it comes to Eventide Island is that the quest won’t start until you actually set foot on land. As long as you remain in the water, the quest won’t begin and you won’t lose any items.


There are a few easy Bokoblins and Octoroks that you can take out without stepping foot on dry land. Make sure you stay ankle deep in the ocean and make your way around the perimeter of the island. There are some sections where you’ll need to swim, but for the most part you can get around Eventide Island and remove some of the more annoying enemies.

When you’re ready, make landfall and get ready to fight for survival.

Arm Yourself


On the Western beach of Eventide Island there is a group of three Bokoblins around a campfire. You should have taken them out before you started the quest, but if you haven’t you can do so easily with your Remote Bombs. Once they’ve been dealt with open the chest and grab the Traveler’s Sword and take the Rusty Shield from the beach.

Go further south along the beach and you’ll come to a chest buried in the sand. Use Magnesis to unearth it and grab the Soldier’s Shield inside. Make sure to watch out for the Octorok in the water.

Now head to the north-east point of Eventide Island. Here you’ll find a chest floating in the ocean. Use your Cryonis power to raise it up and claim the five arrows inside.

Then head south west. Be on the lookout for an Octorok with a chest on it’s head. After a few metres you’ll come to a bog in the centre of a hill. In the middle is a hollow log with a Woodcutter’s Axe stuck in it. Either use Cryonis or your Paraglider to get to the axe and claim it.


Head further south and you’ll come to a Bokoblin camp with three Bokoblins; unless you killed them earlier.

The First Orb


Sneak up to the lone Bokoblin up in the tower, glide over to him and dispense of him with your axe or sword. Grab the arrows he drops then head towards the main structure that houses two more Bokoblins. Use your shields to avoid getting hit with any arrows and take out the two remaining enemies.

One should drop a Boko Bow. Pick it up and head up the top to open the chest which contains a Soldier’s Bow. Right next to the chest it the First Orb. Pick it up and head to the north-west tip of the island; the location of the first altar.

Throw the orb in the water (don’t worry, it floats) then use Cryonis to lift it up and get it into the alter. Voila.

The Second Orb

The Second Orb is a lot more difficult. First of all, it’s located around a Hinox’s neck and second of all, the alter is protected by three Bokoblins and a group of Electric ChuChus.

Make your way to the southernmost point of the island, being careful to avoid enemies along the way. Slowly make your way to the top of the hill there and you’ll see three Bokoblins around a campfire along with the Electric ChuChu.

Shoot the ChuChu with your bow to set off their electrical charge. This will kill the ChuChu and stun the Bokoblins. Use your Remote Bombs on the Bokoblins and or the explosive barrels, but keep your distance.

If you need to finish them off up close, be careful not to hit the Yellow ChuChu Jelly as it will shock you. Once the enemies are taken care of, use your Remote Bombs on the rusty metal boxes to reveal the altar.

Move towards the two boulders on the cliff edge and look down to the Hinox sleeping below. Around his neck is the Second Orb. Jump and use your Paraglider to land on the Hinox without waking him. Grab the orb and beat a hasty retreat.

Climb back up the hill and place the orb in the altar.

The Third Orb

The Third Orb is the most difficult thanks to a band of Bokoblins and a Moblin protecting it.From the second altar, jump and glide to the mountains to your right (east) and slowly climb up.


When you reach the top, there’ll be an archer tower to your right and three Bokoblins behind a log. The Moblin will be in front of you in the distance next to another archer tower. Use your bow to take out the nearby archer and a Remote Bomb to do some damage to the Bokoblins.

When they attack, use your bow and swords to take them out, hopefully before the Moblin arrives. If you are getting overwhelmed, run. While you’re running, drop Remote Bombs behind you and detonate them as the enemy gets close.


After you’ve finished with the ground troops, finish off the second archer. Make your way over to the third altar which is covered by a large slab. Use Stasis on it, hit it with your sword or axe and watch it fly.

The Third Orb is located in the camp, so grab it and place it in the altar. Then you’re done. A shrine will open up at the very top of the mountain and you can claim your reward.

After you finish the shrine, Eventide Island will return your items. A Ruto will be waiting near the entrance to the shrine to challenge you to a Paragliding mini-game too.

Eventide Island is tough, but it’s also a lot of fun. Hopefully this guide is useful for you.

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