Snipperclips: Cut it Out Together

When a game’s menu screen and it’s accompanying music stir up feelings of youthful joy; you know you’re playing a Nintendo game. Snipperclips is no exception. Nintendo, more than most developers, make its games a celebration.

Snipperclips is a celebration of the Nintendo Switch. Of puzzles. Of inventiveness and of friendship. Though after you’re done playing, your friendships may be a little worse for wear.

Snipperclips, like most Nintendo titles, takes a very simple premise and turns it into something wonderful. If you own a Switch, you definitely need Snipperclips. Even if you’re absorbed by Breath of the WildSnipperclips is a must play.

Let’s Cut it Out Together


As it’s subtitle declares, Snipperclips is designed to be played co-cooperatively. It works well enough as a single-player title, but the central conceit is lost. It’s a bit too easy when you play solo and the puzzles are easily gamed.

Snipperclips has been designed to show players how easily the Switch can be used in a multipurpose fashion. It’s also to get people playing together.

A single player can play in handheld mode or TV mode with either the Joy-Cons or Joy-Con Grip. Unfortunately the Pro Controller isn’t supported. It’s not a dealbreaker, though it’s an odd omission.

Multiple players can play Snipperclips in a multitude of setups; TV mode with a Joy-Con each, Tabletop mode with a Joy-Con each, multiple Joy-Con Grips and so on. It’s a truly versatile title and one that exemplifies the Switches ideology. It’s a device to be used anywhere and everywhere at anytime.

Puzzlingly Good


Snipperclips stars two little cardboard tabs; one yellow and one pink. Despite their simplicity they’re devastatingly cute and gorgeously animated. Their little faces feature as much expression as you’d find in a hand drawn cartoon.

Pink and Yellow can snip each other by overlapping. This is the basic and central premise of Snipperclips. Puzzles are solved by snipping and trimming Pink and Yellow in order to accomplish a task.

The simplest of which are thrown out at the beginning.


A basketball needs to be carried from left to right and placed into a hoop. This can be completed in a number of ways, but the easiest of which is to use one character’s butt to cut a hollow in the other’s head. The ball will fit snugly and can be carried to the basket for a 2-pointer.

This is the most basic of puzzles and it’s not long before Snipperclips ramps up the difficulty. You’ll need to press buttons, move levers, catch fish and all by snipping and shaping Pink and Yellow. Let me tell you; it gets tough.

If you’re playing alone, Snipperclips can be a bit of a challenge, but when played with friends is when the real magic happens.

Best Frenemies


Playing with two or more players turns Snipperclips into a something else. Simple puzzles can devolve into Jerry Springer style throwdowns in a matter of seconds. At least they did for me and my girlfriend.

We started out with the best of intentions. Me, patient and helpful. Her, willing to play a game with me for a change. The first few puzzles past without incident, but as they started to require increased cooperation, coordination and timing, things fell apart.

We argued and shouted and blamed each other for failure after failure. I told her she was doing it wrong and she told me to stop bossing her around. I grabbed the Joy-Con from her hand and she snatched it back. And back and forth we went.


Despite getting flustered and a bit miffed with each other, we were still having fun. Each puzzle we cleared was followed by a rapturous celebration. That only spurred us on to keep going. For the first time ever, my girlfriend and I played videogames together for about 2 hours.

So even though Snipperclips had us at each other’s throats, it also brought us together in a way that no other game ever had.

Switch’s Other Launch Title


Everyone who bought the Switch bought Breath of the Wild. I hardly think that’s in dispute. Even the hardiest of Zelda fans may need a break from Hyrule every now and again and Snipperclips is a great little palette cleanser.

It’s cute, it’s fun and it’s best played with friends. Easy to pick up and impossible to put down, Snipperclips is a winner in every way. Do yourself a huge favour and go and grab it from the eShop. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Snipperclips was reviewed using a digital promo code provided to PowerUp! by Nintendo.

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