Apple announces a massive overhaul of its App Store pricing

Apple has today announced “the most comprehensive upgrade to pricing capabilities since the App Store first launched.” This upgraded pricing structure on the App Store will provide developers with “700 additional price points and new pricing tools that will make it easier to set prices per App Store country or region”

The new pricing system will allow developers to select from 900 different price points, which includes 600 brand-new price points and “100 higher price points available upon request.” Within the upgraded system, apps can cost as little as $0.39 AUD or as much as $18,000 AUD.

Additionally, a vastly increased range of prices will allow for price increases of as little as $0.10 AUD. Incremental price increases will also be available “for example, every A$0.10 up to A$10; every A$0.50 between A$10 and A$50; etc.”

Apple App Store Pricing

Across all 175 App Store regions, developers will be able to use a new range of pricing conventions that allow for a much broader range of app prices. For example, apps will be able to be priced at a cost with two repeating digits and developers “will be able to price products beyond $0.99 or €X.99 endings to incorporate rounded price endings (e.g., X.00 or X.90).”

Apple has also announced it has streamlined the process for setting subscription prices for apps. “Starting today, developers of subscription apps will also be able to manage currency and taxes across storefronts more effortlessly by choosing a local storefront they know best as the basis for automatically generating prices across the other 174 storefronts and 44 currencies. Developers will still be able to define prices per storefront if they wish. The pricing capability by storefront will expand to all other apps in autumn 2023.”

The changes to the App Store’s pricing and price points also include the ability for developers to “keep their local currency constant in any storefront of their choice, even as foreign exchange and taxes fluctuate. This means, for example, a Japanese game developer who gets most of their business from Japanese customers can set their price for the Japan storefront and have their prices outside of the country update as foreign exchange and tax rates change.”

Apple has announced that the pricing tools have begun rolling out today and will continue through out 2023.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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