Rollerdome, dystopian third-person shooter, coming to PlayStation and PC in August

Yesterday, publisher Private Division and developer Roll7 (OlliOlli World) announced their dystopian, third-person shooter Rollerdome. Set in a retro-futuristic 2030, Rollerdome takes place in “a world where the public are kept distracted from an increasingly sinister political situation by the violence and excess of a brutal new arena sport: Rollerdrome. The lines between reality and performance in this bloodsport are blurred, with participants chosen to compete in a series of gauntlets against the deadly House Players.”

Private Division and Roll7 have said, “Players step into the roller skates of Kara Hassan, a newcomer to this brutal sport. As the mysteries of a wicked tech giant unfold behind the scenes, Kara and the player will have to stay focused on their goal – climbing the ranks in hopes of becoming the next Rollerdrome champion.”


Rollerdome has a unique visual style inspired by comic books married with “The Darksynth musical artist Electric Dragon merges iconic 1970’s textures and sounds with modern-day driving beats and cutting-edge production to provide a heart-thumping backdrop to the carnage.”

Paul Rabbitte, Creative Director at Roll7 said, “It’s been amazing to see this project come to life from the original prototype that received a lot of love online, all the way to the brutal and intense experience it is now – thanks to the amazing work of the team at Roll7. We’re really excited for players to jump into Rollerdrome.”

Rollerdome will launch for PS4, PS5 and PC (Steam) on August 16, 2022 via digital download.

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