Fortnite Celebrates Star Wars Day With Lightsabers, Outfits And More

Somehow, May has returned.

And with it, the pseudo-official “Star Wars Day”, May 4th! To mark the occasion, Fortnite is holding a two-week-long celebration that brings Lightsabers and blasters back into the gameplay and a host of outfits up for grabs in the store. Alongside the iconic laser swords, players can partake in several Star Wars themed missions across the island while decked out in an array of Back Blings, Pickaxes and Emotes.

Fortnite Celebrates May 4th

Littered around the island wherever you can find weapons, players can pick up one of four unique Lightsaber designs ranging from all eras of Star Wars. The objectively coolest of the lot is Kylo Ren’s spitting red cross-guard blade, but sadly Rey’s yellow staff saber is nowhere to be found. Still, you can swing away with Mace Windu’s purple saber, Luke’s instantly recognisable green and even hype yourself up for the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series with the Jedi Master’s blue blade.

Heading over to the store page, you’ll find a collection of Star Wars outfits from across previous Fortnite events. For Sequel fans, Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, Zorri Blis and a Sith Eternal Trooper are all up for grabs, sporting their fashionable Rise of Skywalker looks (yes the cracked-egg helmet is cool, no we won’t be taking questions). Elsewhere, the original Imperial Stormtrooper design is back, along with recent additions to the Fortnite x Star Wars wardrobe, Boba-Fett, Fennec Shand and Krrsantan. Players can also nab Pickaxes like Rey’s staff, a couple of Emotes and more.

Once on the island, you can play through a small but fun collection of Star Wars themed activities. Simply find one of the three Stormtrooper checkpoints that have popped up, nab a bounty or blaster from them and head off to do the Empire’s bidding.

For more information, head over to the official Fortnite blog.

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