Fortnite Crosses Over With Coachella This Weekend

Fortnite‘s cultural absorption powers continue to grow as Epic Games has today announced its latest crossover event with the famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. From April 15th till May 17th, Fortnite players can hear a bunch of musical artists who will be performing at the festival in-game via the Icon Radio station when in a vehicle. The real-life Coachella kicks off on the 15th too, running for two weekends so naturally, Epic has two weekends’ worth of goodies for you to nab during the promotion.

Coachella and Fortnite Collide This Weekend

For the uninitiated, Coachella is a long-running music and arts festival that combines leading musical talents with unique independent artists to create a melting pot of talent and experiences. The festival typically draws in a quarter of a million attendees and has a global reputation. Given Fortnite‘s growing range of musical experiences, this cross-over isn’t overly surprising but is still pretty impressive.

This weekend players can grab the Wilder Outfit and its Cosmic Equaliser Alt Style, along with the FinFin Back Bling, Flair Wrap and Neon Biter Pickaxe. Alternatively, the Lyric Outfit (as well as its Cosmic Equaliser Alt Style), Swaguaro Back Bling and Festival Shredder Pickaxe are also available starting on the 15th of April.

Next weekend, players can look forward to nabbing the music-reactive Alto and Poet Outfits, both with their own matching Back Blings and Pickaxes. These items are a genuinely bizarre blend of bright colours and…comfort wear? Like a neon-soaked soccer mum trying to enter a new phase in her life. Frankly, I’m very here for it. The idea of “music reactive” wear is also fascinating – from the art above it looks as though you’ll have bouncing soundbars active when you’re near tunes.

You can see these wild designs in the images in this post but be sure to head over to the official Fortnite page for more details.

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