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Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Is Finally Back

Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Is Finally Back

2022 continues to serve up surprises as Wizards of the Coast have this week announced the hotly anticipated return of Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour. Several years ago the massively popular card game shifted to an eSports focused way of play, essentially ending the in-person tournament tradition that had been running since the 90s. Now, players can look forward to the return of paper play as Wizards of the Coast have announced a July 2022 kick-off for the returning style of play and competition.

Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Returns In July 2022

Magic: The Gathering Premier Play System will feature four levels of competitive, tabletop play, culminating in the World Championship, held in late 2023 in the United States. This structure will be familiar to long-time players with an eye on the professional scene but the Pro Tour structure allows a path from regional qualifiers all the way to World Championships with different tiers of financial rewards along the way.

Prizes range depending on the level to which players qualify, starting from US $15,000 pools all the way up to the major league’s World Championship US $1 Million pool. The prize money is of course thrilling but the majority of players and fans are simply excited to see the return of physical space play, which engenders community and the thrill of the game far more than online counterparts are able to.

Locally, ANZ players will be able to partake in qualifiers thanks to retailer Good Games who are playing host to the tournaments, titled ‘ANZ Super Series’. Players aged 13 years and older are welcome to register, with prizes being determined by individual Wizard Play Network locations but winners will be invited to Regional Championships. All players will be treated to a commemorative Lava Spike card, with top finishers nabbing a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx card.

If you’re interested in signing up you can find your local here, and for more details on further qualifications and dates head over to the Wizards of the Coast official site.