Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Collectibles Guide – Wargtooth Shallows Lucky Dice

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is now available and is every bit as addictive, exciting and entertaining as you’d hope. In our review, we wrote that Wonderlands is “is a love letter to pen & paper RPGs…with guns.” It’s got magic, dragons and a whooooole lot of guns. There are also quite a number of levels and chapters that the story takes place across.

There are a number of levels that are required to be completed and a handful of optional ones, though they’re all great and well worth exploring, especially if you want to level up your character.

Within each of the levels, there are missions, quests, collectibles and more. One of the main types of collectibles are the Lucky Dice. These 20-sided beauties slightly increase your Loot Luck with each one you collect so the more you collect, the better the loot. You’ll hear Tina say that on more than one occasion. Trust me.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Wargtooth Shallows – Lucky Dice

There are 21 Lucky Dice in Wargtooth Shallows and they’re spread all over the level. Some of them are pretty well hidden, lucky for you, we’ve already found them all so you don’t need to stress.

The first Lucky Dice in Wargtooth Shallows can be found just north of the first fast travel totem you encounter in the level. Head north from the totem and you’ll come to a small ravine. Jump down and grab the Lucky Dice to your left.

The next Wargtooth Shallows Lucky Dice is on the northeastern side of the next area. Go past the large shipwreck and keep heading east/right. Look for a small broken section of a shipwreck. Jump across to it from the raised ledge nearby and grab that Lucky Dice.

Next, head to the large shipwreck, speak with Bones Three Wood and get on with his quest so you can gain access to the rest of the level. Once you’re through the gate, keep heading east and continue through this area. As you pass yet another shipwreck at the eastern edge of this area, hug the northern wall and follow it to the north until you come to a temple with the statue of a land shark out front. Continue past the temple and you’ll enter a small cave. Right in the centre of the cave, there are some coral platforms. Climb up and grab the Lucky Dice.

Continue through the area from the previous Lucky Dice and you’ll come to a section where skeletons are fighting with sharks. There’s a side quest available here so grab that and complete it as you make your way through here. Climb up and keep going until you make it to the top of the shipwreck here. Once on the deck, look for cannons facing north. Shoot the little red barrels to make them fire and once will open a new doorway to your north. Jump across to the platform and grab the Lucky Dice.

Head back south and hug the eastern wall until you reach Dumpstat Trench. You’ll see another shipwreck ahead. Ignore the path to your left, for now, you can’t gain access until later in this main quest for this level. Instead, shoot the barrel on the cannon on the shipwreck ahead and open up a new path. Stick to your lefthand side and climb up and around, following the path as it curves. Cross the gap with the jump pad and then continue to follow the path to your left. You’ll find the Lucky Dice at the end of this platform.

From the previous Lucky Dice, drop down two levels to your right (you should see a red chest below) turn to the south and you should see a Lucky Dice sitting right in front of you.

From the last Lucky Dice head west and you’ll come to some lowered platforms. Jump down and you’ll find the Lucky Dice hiding up in the corner.

Head west from the previous Lucky Dice. If you jump back up to the large platform you should be able to easily cross the gap and will then need to fight some coiled and a bunch of sharks. Keep heading west and you’ll find a new fast travel totem and some vending machines. From the vending machines go south and melee the seaweed wall. Head inside the cave it was hiding and follow the path to another Lucky Dice.

Don’t touch the goo.

Go back to the vending machines and then head west again. Hug the southern wall as you move through here and go past and around the shipwreck. Look for an ammo crate, a raised platform and a large coral formation. The Lucky Dice is on the platform.

Keep heading to the west and look for a cave mouth to the north. You’ll need to have collected all of Polly’s Parts to continue through to the next part of the level, but they’re marked on the map and easy to find and if you’ve been collecting them as you go you should have them all by now.

Head into the cave, deal with the First Mate as part of the quest then head to the west and outside. As you exit the cave make a left turn and follow the wall until another left turn leads you back into the cave. You’ll spot the Lucky Dice on a ledge here.

With the jump pad active you can get across to Plunder Port and start making your way up to the top. About halfway up, you will begin to climb some planks across large coral platforms. Look down underneath the coral and you’ll spot a Lucky Dice here. The platform is on the south side of the Plunder Port island.

When you reach the very top of Plunder Port you’ll need to fight a bunch of pirates. Once they’re dealt with, head to the main town square area. Look up and you’ll see an anchor suspended from a chain. Shoot the chain and the anchor will drop, opening up a secret room. Drop down and grab the Lucky Dice inside.

Next, jump up onto the balcony to your north and go around to the right/east side of the building here. You’ll find a Lucky Dice hiding amongst some crates.

Complete the quest on top of Plunder Port then head back to the very northeastern point of the island. Get on the jump pad here and fling yourself across to the next section. Slide down the waterfall and look to your north to spot a Lucky Dice on another shipwreck.

Now that you’ve completed Plunder Port, the main mission in Wargtooth Shallows will take you back to Dumpstat Trench and to the next Lucky Dice. Polly will open up the previously closed doorway, slide down the waterfall and when you reach the bottom turn around and look back the direction you came. Go through the waterfall to find another Lucky Dice.

From the last Lucky Dice turn around and head northeast. Follow this path around until you reach what looks to be a dressing room. You’ll see the Lucky Dice on a table.

Go back the way you came and make your way onto the shipwreck with one of the jump pads. Go west and jump off the shipwreck then head south along the side of the ship. Look around behind the back of the ship to find a Lucky Dice tucked away at the very back.

Continue on with the mission which will see Polly open up yet another door. You’ll then be in a sort of Pirates of the Caribbean ride spoof. Keep going through this section until you reach the “town” area. Jump up to your left and look for a Lucky Dice hiding on a balcony.

Keep going through the staged presentation by Bones Three Wood and then continue to a larger open area with another, you guessed it, shipwreck. Fight the skeletons here and climb up the ladder to keep going through the level towards the boss room. When you jump climb up, turn and look back at the shipwreck. You’ll see a Lucky Dice inside. Walk across the ropes and jump down to grab it.

After you fight the boss, look for the jump pad in the southwest corner of the map. Jump on it and it will take you back to Dumpstate Trench. Head back towards the vending machines and fast travel totem here, but look to the south to see some waterfalls and a ghostly NPC. He explains that the coiled have stolen the voice of his love. Head south into the coiled temple then continue all the way south into a large room. Look for the Lucky Dice on top of a broken column in the southwest corner.

Finally, head north, sticking to the eastern side until you reach a raised platform with columns on top. Climb up this raised platform (on the eastern side of the temple) and you’ll grab the last Wargtooth Shallows Lucky Dice.

That’s all 21 Lucky Dice in Wargtooth Shallows. You can check out other guides for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands here.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is now available.

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