PlayStation VR2 Might Be Packing Some New Tracking Tech

Last week Sony unveiled the new PlayStation VR2, the next-generation iteration of its virtual reality headset that will run on the PlayStation 5. The new headset will be paired with an updated PlayStation VR2 Sense controller which has been redesigned for the upcoming release and matches nicely with the headset’s “Orb” aesthetics. Alongside an impressive list of improvements for the VR2, a recent patent filing suggests that the internal gaze tracking technology for the unit will make user engagement and comfort better than ever before.

PlayStation VR2 Revealed

According to a new report from Game Rant, Sony has recently acquired a patent that would allow a VR headset to automatically display information to the viewer based on gaze-tracking. What this means for the VR experience is no more awkward head movements for small viewing changes, the headset, in theory, being able to adjust to your eye movements instead and adapt HUD elements and the like in real-time.

We’ll have to wait for confirmation of this technology implementation in the PlayStation VR2 but it does give us hope for strides in the VR gaming field. Especially considering the other tech that the new Sony headset is packing – including 4K HDR visual fidelity for better graphical rendering and the enhanced Sense features that will take advantage of the redesigned controller and allow more precise control of games. Quality of life improvements have also been considered with adjustable lenses and a slimmer, lightweight design.

For a full breakdown of the PlayStation VR2, you can head over to the official blog.

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