Magic: The Gathering’s Street Fighter Crossover Looks Incredible

Wizards of the Coast has given us a look at its upcoming crossover event with Capcom’s iconic fighting franchise Street Fighter and it looks fantastic. Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair x Street Fighter will feature eight of Street Fighter’s most recognisable champions with art inspiration lifted directly from the classic Street Fighter II. As the fighting game franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary, this crossover event is a chance for avid fans and collectors to get their hands on these curated, ultra-collectable cards.

Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair x Street Fighter Crossover

Street Fighter and Magic: The Gathering come from very different genres, but we’ve both been bringing amazing characters, rich gameplay, and social connections to our fans for decades,” said Mark Heggen, Product Architect at Wizards of the Coast via press release. “We’re lifelong fans of Street Fighter, and this partnership has been a dream come true. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to tuning my absolutely unstoppable Blanka deck.”

When designing cards for the collection the team at Wizards was inspired by Street Fighter not just in terms of art direction but also thematically appropriate ability cards too. Each character will have their own ability card, including Chun-Li who has been given a multikicker ability that harkens back to her iconic moveset from the games.

Elsewhere, Wizards of the Coast have also unveiled a new slate of cards in celebration of the new Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set. The new Superdrop includes:

  • Introducing: Kaito Shizuki — Artist Rorubei brings alternative art treatments for Magic: The Gathering’s newest high-tech ninja planeswalker, Kaito Shizuki.
  • Kamigawa: The Manga: The Cards — Artist RIYOU KAMEI created cards using art from the official Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty manga.
  • Li’l Walkers — Artist UTA NATSUME presents planeswalkers in an adorable Chibi style.
  • Pictures of the Floating World — Artists AMAYAGIDO, AOJI MAIKO, Nagano, SHIE NANAHARA, and TOMOHITO created beautiful lands in the style of Ukiyo-e, an iconic style of Japanese art traditionally found in wood block prints and paintings.
  • Shades Not Included — Artist Ben Schnuck gives lands the ‘80s-inspired synthwave treatment.
  • Showcase: Neon Dynasty — These cards display neon ink foils that sport a fluorescent ink that pops right off the card and features art from artists AI NANAHIRA, ESUTHIO, SENNSU, and ZOUNOSE.
  • Special Guest: Yuko Shimizu — Artist Yuko Shimizu is an award-winning Japanese illustrator based out of New York City. She brings her unique mashup of traditional Japanese art and modern concepts.

Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair x Street Fighter and the above drops are available for preorder now until March 18th. Each drop is available in traditional foil ($49.99 USD) and non-foil ($39.99 USD).

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