The Iconic Naomi Osaka Is Coming To Fortnite

Epic Games has unveiled its latest Fortnite Icons collaboration today, announcing a partnership with the truly iconic Naomi Osaka. For those who might be unfamiliar with Osaka, she is a genuine superstar, having made a name for herself as a global tennis champion, fashion designer, entrepreneur and political activist. She is, in no uncertain terms, an icon and will be honoured as such in Fortnite with sick new skins and items available this Friday, March 4th.

Naomi Osaka Joins Fortnite Icons

Fortnite players will be able to choose from two different Osaka skins, both of which represent different sides of this multifaceted star. The Naomi Osaka Outfit is a vibrant and bombastic spin on pro-tennis gear while the Dark Priestess Naomi Outfit was inspired by Osaka’s heritage and partly designed by her sister Mari. Players can either purchase these outfits in the store or win them by participating in the Naomi Osaka Cup which commences tomorrow March 2nd.

Osaka, a known gamer herself, had this to say about joining the Fortnite Icons club. “I’ve been playing Fortnite for a long time – when I saw LeBron had joined the Icon Series, it made me want to join the Fortnite family too. It’s really amazing to be able to connect with so many people around the world”.

For the full details on Osaka’s upcoming Fortnite event, you can head over to the official blog right here.

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