Onyxia’s Lair mini-set is coming to Hearthstone next week

Hearthstone’s next update, Patch 22.4, is launching next week, February 16. It includes updates to “Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, Duels, Arena, the new Fractured in Alterac Valley Mini-Set, and more.” Most notably, Patch 22.4 will add the Onyxia’s Lair mini-set to Hearthstone.

This will see 35 new cards added to the game as Hearthstone’s heroes take on their first raid.

Hearthstone Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set

Players will be able to get Onyxia’s Lair cards from Alterac Valley packs and they can purchase the entire set for $19.95 AUD or 2000 Gold. Those who really want to flash some bling can purchase an all Golden set for $94.95 AUD. All players are set to receive a Diamond Vanndar Stormpike after the Alliance claimed victory in the Battle for Alterac Valley.

Battlegrounds is getting three new Heroes as part of Patch 22.4 with three old favourites returning to the pool. Varden Dawngrasp, Rokara and Onyxia will be added with Kael’thas, Silas Darkmoon, and Chenvaala all making a return.

Varden Dawngrasp’s Hero Power is Twice as Nice and is a Passive that copies and freezes one of the minions in Bob’s Tavern after a refresh. Rokara’s is Glory of Combat; “Passive. After a friendly minion kills an enemy, give it +1 Attack permanently” Finally, Onyxia’s Hero Power is Broodmother. It too is a passive and will summon a 2/1 Whelp who attacks immediately after four minions have died.

New Heroes means new Buddies and the three new buddies are;

  • Varden’s Aquarrior (Varden Dawngrasp’s Buddy)
    • [Tier 2, Elemental] 3 Attack, 5 Health. “Twice as Nice” also gives the copy stats equal to your Tavern Tier.
  • Icesnarl the Mighty (Rokara’s Buddy)
    • [Tier 4, Beast] 5 Attack, 2 Health. After a friendly minion kills an enemy, gain +1 Health permanently.
  • Many Whelps (Onyxia’s Buddy)
    • [Tier 2, Dragon] 4 Attack, 2 Health. Whenever you summon a Whelp, gain +2/+2 permanently.

In addition to the mini-set and updates to Battlegrounds, there will be a tonne of other inclusions across Hearthstone including;

  • New Mercenaries
    • Long’xin (Legendary Caster)
    • Xuen (Epic Fighter)
    • Niuzao (Rare Protector)
    • Yu’lon (Rare Protector)
    • Chi-Ji (Epic Caster)
  • Starting 16 February AEDT/NZDT, Long’xin, Xuen, Niuzao, and Yu-lon will all be available through all normal ways of acquiring a Mercenary.
  • Starting 23 February AEDT/NZDT until 9 March AEDT/NZDT, complete a chain of 10 event Tasks to earn the Epic Chi-Ji Mercenary Card and other rewards.

For the full patch notes, head to the official website.

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