Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a free-to-play, mobile card game coming to the West in 2022

Warner Bros Games and NetEase have announced today they are bringing Harry Potter: Magic Awakened to a global audience in 2022. A free-to-play, collectible card game, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has been co-developed by Warner Bros and NetEase. A “top-grossing game in” mainland China, the latest Harry Potter title is available for pre-registration now.

Coming to both Android and iOS, Magic Awakened has been available in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan since September 2021 and was the biggest mobile game launch of the year.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

“With Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, we have worked jointly with NetEase Games to create the most robust multiplayer experience set in the wizarding world and we are very excited to launch the game globally,” said David Haddad, President, Warner Bros. Games. “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened utilizes the best-in-class development and publishing capabilities of both NetEase Games and Warner Bros. Games to bring players a captivating gameplay experience with compelling features, an in-depth collectible card system and beautifully distinct art style.”

Part card game and part MMO, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has players beginning their journey as young witches and wizards who’ve just received their acceptance into Hogwarts. Players will get to put on the sorting hat and be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses.

Gameplay sees players learning spells that are cast by using cards. Over time, players will learn more spells and develop winning strategies to ensure they win duels and survive difficult trials.

Players in the Americas, Europe and Oceania can pre-register for the game Google Play or the game’s official website at www.MagicAwakened.com. Doing so will earn them exclusive rewards at launch.

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