Spooky Season Hits Fortnite With Fortnitemares

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween and all of its glorious scares have finally rolled back around and Fortnite is celebrating all month long. Fortnitemares returns with daily updates throughout October, promising a wide variety of Halloween themed skins, creative modes and, of course, Shortnitemares. The third annual in-game short film festival will bring spooky cheer to the game later this month along with a special appearance from The Walking Dead‘s Rick.

The headline of any special season in Fortnite is undoubtedly the new and returning skins, both of which can be found in Fortnitemares. There is an abundance of cool Halloween inspired skins coming to the game, some of which are brand new and others you’ll remember from past seasons, and they are being revealed all month long on the official page. As we mentioned before, The Walking Dead‘s Rick is finally joining his co-show members in the game but we’re also expecting some classic Universal Studios inspired skins to haunt the island, including The Mummy and Frankenstein’s monster.

In terms of gameplay changes, the mysterious cubes that have littered the island in the wake of the great war will begin to act strange. Well, stranger, I suppose. In an attempt to combat the large blocks of ominous energy players will have access to special Halloween tricks and a unique Sideways weapon.

Fortnite fans can also look forward to the upcoming Shortnitemares event later this month. Several animated shorts all themed around the ghoulish and spooky will be aired in the game inside a creator-made movie theatre. More details are to come but in the meantime, you can check out the official page for a full rundown of Halloween delights.

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James Wood
James Wood
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