Bye Sweet Carole Combines Classic Horror And Disney’s Silver Age

Horror gaming auteur Chris Darril, best known for the Remothered series has announced his next project in Bye Sweet Carole. According to Darril, the game will be a hand-drawn homage to the classic horror titles that inspired the Remothered games – think Clock Tower filtered through Alice in Wonderland and you’re ready to go down the rabbit hole on this one. While further details about the game’s release remain unclear we have gotten a look at its gorgeous aesthetic in a handful of screenshots and some story teases that have use incredibly keen to see how it all will unfold.

Bye Sweet Carole is set to follow the adventures of Lana Benton as she attempts to piece together the mysterious disappearance of her fellow orphan, Carole Simmons. Little else is known at the moment other than that the two girls share a connection with a now-abandoned orphanage, overrun by wild rabbits and nature, which serves as a link to a magical kingdom and the haunting Mr Kyn. Fans of the Remothered series will find familiar beats here – the bond between two young girls, the malicious presence of patriarchal figures and a supernatural link to animal life and dying architecture.

Darril excels in his love letters to horror tropes and settings, bringing a distinctly Italian edge to his interpretation of the genre. The Dario Argento of gaming, if you will (and I do). Darril’s exceptional art talents are brought to the forefront here too as Bye Sweet Carole has been lovingly rendered with hand-drawn key animations, backgrounds and so on. The game aesthetic is strongly reminiscent of Disney’s Silver Age animation style with what looks to be a princess on the run through stunning environments.

Given how delicately balanced Remothered‘s take on the grotesque and the beautiful was, it’s safe to assume that Bye Sweet Carole will continue Darril’s vision for unique horror experiences. Be sure to keep an eye on PowerUp! for more details about the game soon and in the meantime, you can follow its creator on Twitter here for behind the scenes looks at how he is bringing his latest to life.

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