Razer Iskur Review – Have You Ever Sat Like This?

Oh, yes, sitting. The great leveller. From the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, who doesn’t enjoy a good sit? For gamers, years have been spent sitting on couches, lying on beds, bean bags…you name it, we’ve sat on it. As the past time moved out of the bedrooms and basements of our youth and into the living room, manufacturers have been steadily improving the way in which we sit and play.

I’ve long been fine sitting on a couch, reclining on a chair or even using a stool when I game. In part, this is likely due to spending most of my gaming time with consoles. However, as I get older and sit in front of a PC more frequently — for work first and some gaming — I’ve realised the importance of a comfortable dedicated ‘gaming’ chair.

Meet the Razer Iskur. This gorgeous piece of kit is sleek, comfy and best of all subtle. Often when I think of Razer, I think of Chroma RGB, obnoxious fluoro colours and flashing lights. The Razer Iskur is the antithesis of that design philosophy, eschewing garishness and embracing style and nuance.

Razer Iskur Review

Like so many other ‘gaming’ chairs, the Razer Iskur still has somewhat of a race car vibe, however, it’s missing the over-the-top colours and panels seen in other chairs. Instead, the Iskur is all black, from top to bottom with only the signature Razer green highlighting the gorgeous lines of the chair in the stitching. Constructed of PVC leather, The Iskur not only looks good, it feels good to the touch and, importantly, is super easy to clean.

Should you have an especially vigorous gaming session and sweat it up all over your Iskur, grab some cleaning spray and wipe it down. It’s that simple. What’s more, should you want to be extra thorough and give your chair a really good cleaning, pulling it apart and putting it back together is a snap.

Out of the box, the Iskur comes in several pieces and you’ll need to construct it. Thankfully, the instructions are bang on and very simple to follow. Razer also thoughtfully includes all the hardware you’ll need so you won’t have to go fishing around in your batteries and plastic bags drawer for a screwdriver or Allen Key.

All up, it took me about 5-10 minutes from opening the box to reclining comfortably. I didn’t even have to swear and throw things during construction thanks to the ease with which it comes together. Anyone who’s ever constructed a flat-pack will understand what a boon that is.

The chair itself includes adjustable armrests, recline adjustment, lumbar support/adjustment, height adjuster and recline lock. These are all pretty standard features for office chairs, but the lumbar support is a great one to have included in a dedicated gaming chair. I don’t know about you, but I tend to slouch when I’m gaming. It’s just more relaxing and sitting up straight gives me flashbacks to primary school trauma.

Having lumbar support means even when I’m slouching like a slob, my lower back remains supported and doesn’t get sore. The armrests also make it so I’m sitting more ergonomically than I would be normally and my arms aren’t having to be held up so I’m more comfortable and able to stay that way longer. Being able to comfortably game for a longer period of time, that’s a win.

The main body of the chair is incredibly comfortable too. The padding is just hard enough to give support but soft enough that it feels great to sit on. Some gamers may find the Iskur a bit too hard, but I prefer that to a softer chair I sink into. If you’re looking for something that does let you sink into it, the Iskur is probably not for you. It’s designed to provide support and make you sit in a way that assists in keeping you comfortable and playing for as long as possible.

While I spend most of my time gaming with consoles, I’ve taken to sitting in my Iskur rather than on my couch just because of how much more comfortable it is. Of course, sometimes I want to lie on my back, potato chips resting on my stomach and game horizontally and for those times, the Iskur isn’t ideal. For all my other gaming scenarios though, it’s an absolute star.

I’ve used a variety of office and gaming chairs in the past and not a single one can hold a candle to the comfort, support and style of the Razer Iskur. This is a great chair for gaming and is one that won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

If you’re in the market for a new chair, I can’t recommend the Razer Iskur highly enough.

The Razer Iskur was reviewed using a retail unit provided by Razer.

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