Starlight GameChangers Set To Raise Money For Children In Need This August

Starlight Children’s Foundation is set to kick off August with its fourth annual fundraising effort, Starlight GameChangers. Teaming up once again with retail chain EB Games, the event will see a huge list of content creators, streamers and everyday folks come together in an effort to do some much needed good next month. The initiative asks creators to sign up and use their streaming time to raise money for Australian children and teens in need.

Streamers will be able to raise awareness for GameChangers by just streaming and making their usual content but there are also several incentives being offered by Starlight for those participating. There will be a fun array of community challenges to help drive donations, as well as streaming support, prizes and, of course, some exclusive swag to be had.

Starlight GameChangers is looking to raise over $250,000 this year, a hefty sum but one that Starlight’s National Partnership Manager Matt Geraghty says is needed now more than ever. “Life as we know it has been turned upside down yet still, every minute of the day, a child is admitted to hospital in Australia,” says Geraghty. “Now more than ever, hospitalised kids need fun and positive distraction to help them cope with the loneliness and fear they are facing.”

Funds raised during the event will be directly used to support Starlight’s ongoing in-hospital care programs and services, such as the Starlight Express Room and Captain Starlight. The charity is widely recognised as an essential player in the caring for and recovery of sick Australian youth, providing them with some much-needed levity during the worst of times. Last year’s GameChanger’s saw the event raise over $200,000 and this year should hopefully hit its goals and then some.

Some well known Aussie creators will be helping out with the effort, with Loserfruit, Tamsinwood and RubeePlays already committed to supporting the event. If you want to join in you can sign up right here before the event kicks off on the 1st of August.

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