Online Gaming Expected Trends for Australia in 2021

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2020 came with plenty of lessons for individuals in various positions and domains. However, if you ask multiple stakeholders what’s the main thing they learned in 2020, you’ll surely get an answer that involves the online environment. And since gaming is and will forever be a vital part of the entire online landscape, it’s important to look at what 2021 can bring for online gaming. The very term “online gaming” can take many forms. However, this article will focus on predictions for what 2021 will bring in terms of online video, mobile, and casino games.

Video Games Trends for Australia in 2021

2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of home entertainment for good. With the extended influence over live sports, festivals, and cinemas, among many others, Aussies were forced to get more entertainment at home. The launch of the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X towards the end of 2020 already hinted at the direction for video games in 2021. Dedicated games for the new-generation consoles are already announced, and some of them will land this year. Among them, the new God of War is, without doubt, a title that keeps PlayStation 5 users on the edge of their seats.  Horizon: Forbidden West is another title that should see the day of light later in 2021. On the other hand, Xbox users will look forward to getting access to Halo Infinite, which was delayed for  2021. Taking full advantage of the upgraded processing power, Ultra-HD resolutions, and next-generation controllers that these two consoles provide are the name of the game for video game trends in 2021. Also, we expect to see further steps taken towards cross-platform games.

Aussie Mobile Gaming Trends for 2021

Switching to the mobile gaming sector, we can safely say that new developments and technologies inside the game tech ecosystem will keep contributing to this industry’s growth. Game engines like Unreal and Unity will continue to improve the products offered and give even more tools for game developers to use in creating engaging products. As of 2020, Epic Games and Roblox are expected to be the leading companies when it comes to new launches for 2021. 

Also, looking at what happened towards the end of 2020 with games offering in-app purchases, we can expect to see an increase in ad monetization for this sector. Rewarded videos and offer walls can bring a lot of value to the entire gaming experience, and it’s a win-win situation.

Online Casino Trends for 2021 in Australia

According to the expert opinion from Australia Casino, authority reviewers of online casinos and casino games since 2008, the online casino environment will go through multiple changes in 2021. 2020 was a year full of ups and downs for this industry. At first, the lack of live sports generated a massive increase in users and time spent playing online slots and table games. However, towards the end of 2020, when it became clear that COVID-19 wasn’t going anywhere, most of the gambling regulation authorities worldwide, especially ACMA, pushed hard for limiting exposure and protecting casino players during the hard times.

2021 will definitely continue the trend of numerous new Australian online casino launches to adapt to the huge demand from all those players that can no longer go to their local casino to enjoy some games. However, at the same time, the Australian Communications and Media Authority announced that they would increase the crackdown on illegal operators offering their services in the country. Already, the Internet Service Providers in Australia blocked hundreds of casino domains that were functioning without a valid license.

Even more, mobile casino gaming is also an expected trend for 2021. Not a novelty anymore as casino users already prefer mobile devices over desktops of laptops. However, the gap between mobile devices and other ways to enjoy online casinos will continue to grow this year.

The people at Australia Casino also note that, towards the end of 2020, a boom in Virtual Reality gaming could be noticed across the country and overall in the industry. VR gambling, together with the live dealer games offered by providers like Evolution Gaming, will continue to grow, especially if players won’t be able to play at land-based venues physically.

Finally, especially fueled by the spike of Bitcoin registered at the beginning of 2021, cryptocurrency casinos should become more and more popular. Even though there are some grey areas in this regard, as not everyone is on board the cryptocurrency revolution, nobody can deny the benefits brought by blockchain and cryptocurrency to the online casino industry.

Only time will tell if all online gaming trends will actually happen in 2021. However, looking at how things were towards the end of 2020 and how the new year began, there’s no reason not to trust that the predictions are as accurate as they get. One thing is certain, though. Things look very promising for this sector in 2021, and we’re eager to see what unpredicted developments will positively influence online gaming.

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