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6 Video Game Secrets You Probably Don’t Know… Yet

6 Video Game Secrets You Probably Don’t Know… Yet

Even from the earliest days of gaming, secrets have always been a huge part of the entire experience-and game developers always tend to leave some of them for players to find. That being said, getting to find them is no easy task. In fact, more often than not, finding the Easter eggs in a game can be even more challenging than actually beating the game, but that only makes the entire process a lot more fun and challenging.

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So, if you want to learn about some video game secrets that you haven’t heard about before, by reading this article, you will be able to do so.

1.  Metroid’s “Everything” Password

The struggle of collecting everything in the original Metroid on NES and finishing everything on time is real. Thousands of players logged countless hours into doing so because they did not know what we know now: all this time there was a password that can unlock everything in the game from the start.

NARPAS SWORD0 000000000000 became the savior to numerous metroid fans who were desperate to see the final credits.

2.  COD Warzone’s Secrets

There are a lot of different secrets when it comes to the COD franchise, be it easter eggs, cheats, hacks, you name it. As experts on gaming hacks for Warzone explain, only sky’s the limit when it comes to tweaking your gaming experience by utilizing different tasks. Oftentimes, this can easily take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

That being said, there are also a lot of in-game secrets for you to find. The COD Warzone’s Killhouse can be found in the Variety Map Pack as well as in Verdansk. The thing you need to do is head up to the military base where you will find a training area with the same layout as Killhouse, except now it is outside and not in a warehouse. The tall tower that is in the middle of Killhouse was moved to the outside of the arena. Beware that this might not be a great place to land, but if you can manage to lure another team of three here, you can have your own makeshift gunfight on a classic map.

3.  Goldeneye 64’s Line Mode

For many years Nintendo swore that the only cheats you could have in Goldeneye were the ones that we had to unlock during the game. This situation changed when the players actually found button sequences that unlock many cheats, including some that are not even available via the normal unlocking method.

One of these cheats is called line mode and it is the only non-unlockable mode in the whole game. This magical chest turns the entire game into the music video for Take On Me by A-Ha. This cheat mode does not really add anything to the game experience, except for 80s flashbacks, but nevertheless, it is awesome that it exists at all.

4.  Deus Ex: Invisible War’s Flag Flushing Disco

When you get to the final level of the Deus Ex, pick up a flag and take it to the toilet, then flush it, you will find yourself warped to a rip-roaring party at Club Vox. Here you will see major game characters getting down with their bad selves.

If you already played this game, you probably didn’t even notice those flags. Who would even think about picking up the flag, then taking it to the bathroom, and then flushing it? But, thanks to the internet, nowadays we can find many game secrets like this that can make the gaming world even more fun.

5.  Mortal Kombat’s Hidden Diagnostic Menus

Mortal Kombat games are filled with special fatalities, hidden characters, and numerous other secrets. There is one specific cheat that has been hidden so well that it took over twenty years to uncover it. It was only found after some adept hackers pored over the arcade cabinet code.

What they found was that if you press the players one and two block buttons in a particular order on Mortal Kombat 1-3’s arcade cabinets, you will be able to unlock a special diagnostic menu. These screens can allow you to instantly access every fighter’s ending, turn on free play, display the word “Hello” on the screen, and so on.

6.  Halo 3’s Hidden Birthday Message

Bungie definitely loves packing its games to the rafters with secrets and Easter eggs. The studio is not afraid to get very weird with how it hides them. For example, one of Halo’s longest secrets was hidden right in front of players’ noses and only found in 2014.  What is the secret? It is a birthday message from the developer to his wife.

The way you can find this one is by booting up a copy of Halo 3 on December 25, heading to the title screen, and holding down both thumbsticks. After this, the main menu will dissolve and a huge, translucent Halo ring will begin to form in its place. When you look closely at the edge of this ring, you will see the words that say “Happy birthday, Lauren!”.

In the end, secrets are just as vital parts of the game as any other aspect regarding them. They are extremely fun, and no true gamer strays away from another layer of gaming experience when it comes to finding them!

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