Warframe Podcast Episode 124 – Home Devstream #9

As the days tick down inexorably towards the end of 2020, Warframe continues, unabated. This week saw the streaming of another Home Devstream for the year – another one filmed from home, marking more time spent developing such a hefty title as Warframe from the confines and restrictions of the home environment.

But as Home Devstream #9 has shown us, 2020 isn’t quite over yet – DE still has some plans up their sleeves. Of course, the major expansion that many were hoping for – namely the Corpus Railjack and Lich system expansions – have been pushed back into 2021, which is probably a blessing. That said, there’s still content to be excited for, and at least one final Devstream, before the year’s end.

So join us as we discuss what was shown off on what was actually a sound team focused stream – and there was plenty to enjoy here.


  • News: Warfrmae is out on PS5, along with a new PS-exclusive Pack
  • Discussion: Home Devstream #9
  • Beginner/Advanced Topics: skipped in lieu of extended discussion

Warframe Podcast

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