Disney says Merry Christmas with the heartwarming animated short From Our Family To Yours

Disney’s animated short, From Our Family To Yours debuted on Disney+ earlier this month and has already become a sensation. Racking up over three million views in Australia and New Zealand since launch, this heartwarming three-minute short film was created to lift people’s spirits ahead of the holidays and after the YEAR that 2020 has been.

From Our Family To Yours tells the story of a grandmother, her granddaughter and family tradition. Beginning in 1940 when Lola is given a plush Mickey by her father, through the years, she shares the toy and her traditions with her granddaughter.

With each passing year, Lola’s Mickey plush reminds her of her childhood and the short evolves into present day, showing the connection she has with her grandaughter, which ultimately goes onto inspire Lola’s granddaughter to throw a festive surprise for her on Christmas morning.

From Our Family To Yours – Disney

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The short is part of a wider, multi-platform campaign by Disney to celebrate family, tradition and “experiences that connect generations and make lifelong memories by weaving in a little Disney magic.”

From Our Family To Yours was created by Disney in partnership with Flux Animation Studios from New Zealand. The song featured in the short is Love is a Compass by Griff. Disney has also provided us with some downloadable Star Lantern Activity Booklets which you can download and print below. They come in Disney Classic, Star Wars, Frozen, Marvel and Mickey Mouse varieties.

Disney Classic Star Lantern

Frozen Star Lantern

Star Wars Star Lantern

Marvel Star Lantern

Mickey Mouse Star Lantern

From Our Family To Yours is now streaming on Disney+.

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