How to set up your Xbox Series X

Getting a new console is super exciting. Opening the box, unpacking it and setting it all up is a joy that non-gamers will never know. However, with setting up a new console comes the inevitable frustration of downloads, installations and internet connections. Thankfully, the Xbox Series X doesn’t suffer from these problems.

After turning your Xbox Series X on, you’ll be presented with a screen asking you to download the Xbox App for iOS or Android. Your Xbox Series X will also display a code which allows you to link and connect your smartphone and the console.

One they’re connected, setting up the console is completed by using your smartphone meaning you’re not required to type using the Gamepad, nor scroll through endless screens with numerous options.

Setting up a console has never been so easy.

Set-up Xbox Series X

Once you enter your 10-digit code, your Xbox Series X will broadcast a Wi-Fi signal and your smartphone will be prompted to connect to it. Once connected, your smartphone is used to go through a number of set-up options including connecting the console to your Wi-Fi; unless you connect the console via Ethernet.

As you go through the set-up process for your Xbox Series X you’ll be asked to choose a number of preferences inclduing language, location, console name, Instant-On and the like. One of the best options available is to import setting from a previous console associated with your Gamertag. This means players can import their prefernces and settings from the Xbox One without having to connect the two consoles and transfer data between them.

The process only takes a few minutes and once it’s complete, you’re ready to get going with your Xbox Series X.

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