AKRacing Core Gaming Chair Review

Finding a chair that can keep you comfortable during a long gameplay binge is a challenge. High-end brands like DXRacer are extremely expensive and out of the reach for a lot of gamers. Cheap no-name brands may be affordable, but lack the quality or features to be used comfortably for extended periods. 

Enter the AKRacing Core Gaming Chair. AKRacing knew there was a need for a product in the mid-tier category that’s a high quality yet accessible to gamers. Multiple features give this chair the needed comfort so a user can spend hours in it gaming and working. The price is also well below a DX Racer, which means more people can access this option.

Let’s review the chair, its features, benefits, and other pros and cons.

AKRacing SX Gaming Chair Review

The first thing I look for in a chair in padding and cushions. I’m pleased to report that with the AKRacing Core SX, there is considerable cushioning everywhere.

I noticed sitting down in the chair for the first time, it’s nicely cushioned in the back and seat areas. It’s almost like you sink into it. There is around 4” of padding in the seat, more than an inch compared to other brands such as Homall. It’s also made of cold-cured form, which is denser and feels more supportive.

I was also happy that the chair came with 3D armrests that pivot. This is very helpful when I’m typing or holding a controller. I do wish they were better padded though, as they still feel very much like plastic. But other than lack of padding, they serve their purpose well.

The backrest of the AKRacing SX is designed so you can tilt and even recline it to a near flat position. This makes it very good for your back according to ergonomists. Being able to nap in my chair is simply an incredible feeling.

And speaking of comfort, the external pillows on the AKRacing Core are very comfortable as well. 

Next up is the leather. In this case, it is PU leather which is synthetic leather. The quality is really good, so I honestly can’t tell that this isn’t real. It smells good and looks good. Not to mention it feels good. I fit really well in it at 5’9″ and 180 pounds. But I will say that my thighs are directly at the edges of the seat. I don’t know if a person bigger than me would enjoy this chair, even though the instructions say the weight limit is 330 pounds. If you are shorter/taller, it is easy to raise and lower the chair, although someone over 6 feet may find it uncomfortable.

The base and wheels move incredibly well. I didn’t have any problem moving the chair around my office and living room. I can push it easily around my office and I can push off of my desk or furniture without much effort. I’m guilty of using my legs to scootch around my office and don’t have any issues moving around. The wheels seem unphased by carpet.

The frame of the chair itself is painted black. This wasn’t done for aesthetics, but I like that the designers did that. The black paint is used to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the chair and it ends up being a nice touch.

This chair comes in five additional colours besides the black/red combination. So you can have bright colours or a classic black colour. Some people don’t care about having choices in this department, but I was happy to have options.

Assembly wasn’t incredibly complex. The instructions were pretty clear and I didn’t run into too many difficulties during the process. When the chair arrived, the box it arrived in wasn’t too heavy either. I struggled a little moving it but getting this box into your home can be a one-person job with no problem.


Overall, this is a quality chair that will give the user many hours of comfort. As someone with neck and back problems, I must say this chair comes in handy when I sit for long periods of time.

Where to Buy: AKRacing Website

Accolaids: ⅘ Stars (PC Magazine) | Best Overall (Ergo Trends)

AKRacing Core Gaming Chair
Reader Rating0 Votes
Well padded seat and backrest
Can recline back almost 180 degrees
Cold cured foam inside seat
Very well built with metal base
The chair would be too small for a larger-bodied person
Prone to tipping when rock it or recline it
The rocking mechanism is quite stiff

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