Mafia: Definitive Edition Collectibles Guide – All Mystery Fox Locations

Mafia: Definitive Edition has been rebuilt from the ground up by Hangar 13. In addition to new visuals, tweaked missions, new gameplay and a game brought into 2020, Hangar 13 has added a number of Collectibles for players to find. These Mafia: Definitive Edition Collectibles are found scattered throughout missions and appear on the mini-map when you get close.

There are eight kinds of collectibles, with 117 comics, cards and postcards to be found, in addition to a number of stuffed foxes.

During missions, when you approach an area with a collectible, it will appear on your mini-map, helping you locate it not miss it as you progress. This guide will help you find and locate all Mystery Foxes.

We’ve tried to group them together by location as much as possible.

Mafia: Definitive Edition – Mystery Fox Locations

Found During Campaign

This Mystery Fox is located in the far back of the garage at Salieri’s Bar. Go all the way to the back office and it’s there, up against the wall.

You don’t need to collect this during the story, but it’s right there, so you might as well.

This Mystery Fox can be found during the Ordinary Routine mission, when you go to Clark’s Motel. Go through from the back to the front on the first floor and out onto the balcony. Go to the right and you’ll find this Mystery Fox.

During a Trip the The Country, after you go through the barn where you’re ambused, you’ll burst the doors open and have a gunfight with a group of goons. After that’s finished and you have to get into the other barn to check on Sam, head around the right-hand side of the building behind you and you’ll find another shack with a Mystery Fox.

During the Visiting Rich People chapter, you need to go to the top floor of the lawyer’s house and look for a room in the middle of that floor.

Go to the west side of the house on the top floor and you’ll find a door the opens east with the Mystery Fox inside.

West of the lawyer’s house, on the winding dirt, track the runs from Beech Hill to Oakwood, there a small rundown shack about halfway down.

Inside this shack is another Mystery Fox. You don’t need to collect this Mystery Fox during the story but you might as well grab it if you’re nearby.

You can only collect this Mystery Fox during the Happy Birthday chapter, so don’t miss it.

When you go to the Janitor in the engine room and he gives you the keys to the bathroom, make sure you look to the left. You’ll see the fox symbol. Go over that way and you’ll find the Mystery Fox hiding behind some machinery.

You need to collect this Mystery Fox during the You Lucky Bastard chapter. When you make it to the harbour, you’ll need to collect this fox from the second crane you can climb up. There’s a sniper on the crane, so take him out first.

Grab the Mystery Fox before moving on to take care of Sergio.

During the Election Campaign in the State Prison, when you finally reach the Guard Tower, don’t go up right away. Instead, go all the way down as far as you can and you’ll find a Mystery Fox hiding there.

Eventually, you’ll get to see Tommy’s house and when you do, you can go around into the backyard to find a Mystery Fox sitting on a log near the washing line. Another Mystery Fox you don’t need to collect during the story but, because Tommy’s house is an objective, it makes sense to grab it.

Countryside Mystery Fox Locations

Northwest of the Lost Heaven airport, just to the west of North River, there’s a billboard advertising the airport. There’s a Mystery Fox sitting on that billboard.

To get access to it, you’ll need to climb onto the barrel next to the sign and then from there, climb up onto the billboard.

There’s a Mystery Fox hiding in a flower bed at the south-eastern corner of the Lost Heaven airport parking lot.

At the north of the countryside, just west of the tunnel that leads up to Old Ford Bridge, there’s a small shack on the south side of the road.

The shack has the telltale fox symbol on it and inside is a Mystery Fox.

North of Durham Pond and west of Westbank Mill is a sawmill. At the south side of the building is a log chute which you can climb up and at the very top is a Mystery Fox.

North of the previous Mystery Fox, this one is located underneath a wooden bridge on the road the runs north/south between Durham Pond and Lake Fyer.

You’ll see the fox symbol on the bridge. Just go underneath and grab the Mystery Fox. It can be a little difficult to see because of all the grass and plants.

In the Countryside, directly east of Durham Pond, there’s an intersection of three roads. In the centre of this intersection, there’s a makeshift roundabout.

On top of the roundabout there’s some trees, bushes and rocks. There’s also a Mystery Fox.

Southeast of the previous Mystery Fox, there’s a winding road and if you follow it, about halfway down, there’s a Mystery Fox on a rock.

You’ll need to climb up the rocks and follow the fox symbol to collect it.

At the north of the Countryside, just south of Lake Fyer and west of the Fyer Dam, there’s a couple of shacks with a wrecked rowboat. The boat is to the west of shacks and the fox is sitting inside.

Climb up into the row boat and grab the Mystery Fox.

In the Countryside, there’s a location called Westbank Mill. Head there and you’ll find a small three-walled shack with a Mystery Fox inside.

From the outside it’s hard to see it because it’s really bright and the inside of the shack is dark.

Holbrook, North Park, Oakwood, Downtown and Beech Hill

In the north east corner of Holbrook, there’s a fence with a fox symbol near a parking lot. Climb over and you’ll find the Mystery Fox next to a flaming barrel.

In Holbrook, at the corner of a block just south of the ‘Os’ in Holbrook there’s a fence with a fox symbol on it.

Jump the fence and you’ll find the Mystery Fox underneath the a metal structure.

In Holbrook, south west of Salieri’s warehouse, there’s a white fence with a black fox symbol.

The fox is behind the fence, near a barrel.

In Holbrook park, you can find a Mystery Fox on the south side. About midway through the park, there’s a building you can go inside and once inside, if you turn right there’s a Mystery Fox on a chair.

At the west of Holbrook, there’s a large consturction area. On the east side of the large apartment complex, there’s a dark alleyway and down the alley you can find a Mystery Fox.

Directly north of Morello’s Bar, there’s a small alley. This alley actually abuts Morello’s Bar and is the other half of the alley you used in Molotov Party.

From the street facing the bar, head down the alley and grab the Mystery Fox.

North of Morello’s Bar, there’s an alley that leads through to the street to the west. At the entrance of the alley and on the south side, there’s a brick fence with a fox symbol. Jump the fence and go all the way to the far side of the yard.

You’ll find the Mystery Fox behind some boxes.

At the southern edge of Oakwood, south of the diner you chase Sergio through during You Lucky Bastard, there’s a beach with an overlook.

Head down the stairs beside the diner and then go to the eastern edge of the overlook. Hop the fence and you’ll find the Mystery Fox on a rock ledge.

In a park Downtown, north of the word ‘Downtown’ on the map you can find a Mystery Fox leaning up against a statue.

On the western side of St Michael’s Church in Downtown, there’s a Mystery Fox up against the church wall.

Climb up the gardens and flower beds and you’ll find the fox between two pillars.

At the western edge of Oakwood and eastern edge of Downtown, east of Hotel Corleone, there’s a brick fence. Jump the fence and grab the Mystery Fox that’s under a wooden structure.

At the west of Beech Hill, there’s a house with a climbable fence just south of the turnout/overlook. Climb the fence and you should see a fox symbol painted on the shed.

Go past the shed and you’ll find the Mystery Fox on a well.

North of the Beech Hill Lighthouse is a small shack and boat.

On top of the boat is a Mystery Fox.

In Oakwood, in the middle of the second block down, just north of the ‘D’ on the map, there’s a Mystery Fox on the porch of a house.

Chinatown, Little Italy and Worker’s Quarter

In Chinatown, south of the Service Station you visit in Better Get Used to It, there’s a small lot with a Mystery Fox. The fox is located right where the ‘C’ in Chinatown is on the map.

In the north-east corner of Chinatown, west of Terranova Bridge, there’s a brick fence and on the inside there’s a wooden shack with a Mystery Fox inside.

Jump the fence by climbing on the woodewn boxes, and head inside the shack to grab the fox.

At the south of the Worker’s Quarter, just east of the large inlet of water, there’s a shack set back from the road.

Inside the shack is the Mystery Fox.

In the Works Quarter, opposite the Central Rain Station and just south of the ‘T’ on the map, there’s a white fence with a black fox symbol on it. You can jump over the fence on the western side and the Mystery Fox is sitting on some metal inside.

In the west of the Works Quarter, south-west of the ‘W’ on the map, there’s a works yard with a brick fence. The fence has a white fox symbol on it and you climb over by stepping on some bricks.

The Mystery Fox is underneath a metal structure.

In the Works Quarter, south of the ‘R’ on the map, there’s yet another brick fence with a fox symbol on it. You’ll need to climb onto a wooden box to get over the fence.

Once inside, the Mystery Fox is up against a brick wall, near some crates.

In the west of the Works Quarter, south-east of the Tram station, there’s a group of shacks and makeshift houses and right in the centre, you’ll find a Mystery Fox.

This fox is located out in the open, right next to the Fox Symbol.

Directly east of the Federal Customs Impound, there’s a building with a U-Shaped section. There’s a fox behind a brick fence with a wrought iron gate. To get behind the fence, climb up on a box and over the fence.

The Mystery Fox is standing on a stack of wood.

In the western part of Little Italy, where it transitions from an industrial area to residential, there’s a white fence with a black fox symbol.

Jump the fence and grab the Mystery Fox.

West of Chinatown, as you make your way out of town towards the Countryside, there’s a wooden fence under the railway bridge.

Jump the fence and grab the Mystery Fox which is next to a tractor.

In Little Italy, just south of the ‘L’ in Little Italy on the map, there’s a fence with a fox symbol on it. Hop the fence and grab the Mystery Fox.

It’s to the right of some wooden scaffolding.

At the eastern edge of Little Italy, east of Salieri’s Bar, north of the docks/waterfront area, there’s a fenced off lot on a corner. Climb over the fence to grab the Mystery Fox.

Central Island

You can find this Mystery Fox inside a shack near the water on Central Island. The shack is on the waterfront directly south of the Terranova Bridge.

Go inside and grab the fox from the chair it’s sitting on.

You can get this fox on top of the lighthouse at the south of Central Island and east of the art museum. Climb up the lighthouse via the staircase and the Mystery Fox is yours.

This is one of the trickier Mystery Foxes. Head to Central Island and get above the West River Tunnel at the north-western corner.

You need to climb over the edge of the bridge and jump down to a ledge with the fox.

On the western side of Bertone’s Autoservice, around behind the building, there’s a Mystery Fox sitting on a broken chair.

On Central Island, south of Giuliani Bridge, you can find a Mystery Fox by climbing up on some boxes.

This Mystery Fox is located on a dock, just south of West Harbour Bridge.

That’s all 10 Mafia: Definitive Edition Gangsters Monthly comics. For more help, check out the rest of our guides here.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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