7 Gaming YouTube Channel Design Trends to Go for

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Make a neat impression in your gaming community with a killer YouTube channel design. We help you by giving a few of the most popular trends used by gamers. Take a look at them and make a choice!

Branding your channel is important in order to create a sense of brand on your audience. Using designs under the same style line makes it easier for your viewers to recognize and remember your channel. But let’s get right into it:

YouTube Channel Designs to Try-On

Your YouTube banner or channel art is the one-piece design that goes all across the top of your channel. This means it is basically your presentation card, so if you want to make a really good first impression (trust me you do), you should take your time into designing something amazing. It’s an opportunity to show off your personality as a gamer.

But don’t feel pressured,there are tons of great YouTube channel art templates out there that you can use to create your own designs. Placeit has tons of templates to build up your channel style.

Pro Tip: Using design templates avoids the whole what size, what ratio, and what quality concerns. Normally they already give you a perfectly sized design.

Choose a YouTube banner template, or design one from scratch, that meets your channel’s vision. You can choose to add your name, your brand tagline, your slogan, or not. You can use an asymmetrical design, or centered, or even sectioned! There are plenty of choices but we are here to talk about the styles that are trending in the gaming community!

1.   8Bit Style Channels

8Bit style gives your channel a funny-friendly look. It is also a retro-style so this is great for the nostalgic and first gamers ever. Sounds like this might in tune with your channel’s vision? Then go for it!

2.   Cartoonish Style Channels

Now, this style will definitely give your channel a childish vibe. This is great for some games style like animal crossing players, kawaii style channels, and more.

3.   Esports Style Channels

Are you an Esports enthusiast? Well then let it show. Build your channel’s design upon an Esports theme. You can use your favorite game style (color, graphics alike, and so on) to give it that gaming vibe you are looking for.

4.   Fantasy Style Channels

Diggin the whole dragon, mystics, medieval, beasts vibe? Why not building a whole channel around it! Make your designs using a fantastic trend to show your love for these.

5.   Retro Style Channels

Along with the 8Bit trend, retro is a great style to use on your channel designs for lovers of the classics. Nostalgics in general, true followers of the gaming origins, try this style on your channel to see how it looks.

6.   Shooters Style Channels

Is shooting your whole game? Well show it with shooters themed designs all over your branding assets. What are these? Your YouTube banner, as we said before but also, your logo, your thumbnails, your cards, basically, any piece of design you can add to your channel is an opportunity to give it a cohesive look.

7.   Warriors Style Channels

This is a great option if your whole channels revolve around your gaming user rather than your brand. You can show off your user name and add an avatar to present your persona. Try a few warrior-like styles to promote yourself.

A few numbers to convince you to put a little effort on your channels designs:

  • 90% of people find new brands watching YouTube
  • 90% of people find new products watching YouTube
  • You can make millions of dollars having people watch you play games.

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Some Extra Tips for Your Gaming Channel

In order to keep your channel interesting for your audience, keep in mind to post regularly and stream regularly. Your followers can lose interest if your channel goes through a dry spell.

Branding consistently is super important to look like a pro! Make all your branding designs under the same line of style. Use your logo or slogan whenever you have an opportunity.

Now, don’t forget about your YouTube thumbnails, your end cards, your cards in general, your videos intros, your profile picture, of course. All of these assets give your channel a special look and feel that is unique and gives a complete sense of brand for your viewers!

Talk to your audience and engage with them. Interact on messages, comments, even on your social media, this makes them feel appreciated. 

Last Words

Great branding can take your gaming channel from the crowd and up into the spotlight! It makes you look professional right from the start and makes it easier for viewers to get interested in your channel and support you. Choose a style that goes with your channel’s vision and make designs to go along.

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