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In Cast VR you’re a wizard summoned to the castle to find the missing king. Starting off in a grand hall you hear a distant voice talking to you and by using your control to teleport around the game world you come across a ghost sitting in a chair.

He tells you to use a telekinesis spell to lift some objects and return them to their proper location in the room, in turn introducing you to one of your spells.

After that you have to use another of your spells to shoot some enemies, again this introduces you to your second spell.

Cast VR

Cast VR is a pretty VR game from an environmental view but looks less good when it comes to character aspects. Some of the creatures you find and fight throughout the game seem “off.” They aren’t all bad, just not as good as the rooms and furnishings, which were fantastic. At times I was content just moving around a room to look at what was in there.

Combat in Cast VR is much like any shooter in a VR game, choose a weapon (a spell in this case) and point and shoot. However, enemies seemed to walk in straight lines and felt a little lacklustre. Although the combat is very simple, perhaps too much so, the destructive feeling of ripping a fireball at a wave of knights is always fun.

However, some of the spells you learn don’t work in combat which is a shame. I’d love to pick up a large stone pillar and swing it like a bat using telekinesis. Or pushing and pulling enemies around sort of like using the force. Even just being able to whack a dude with my wand would have been a nice touch.

Character movement is very slippery and the slightest touch of the controller moves you to another spot in the room. I found many times I would be in the wrong spot or facing the wrong direction because I’d brushed my control trying to do something else. This made the enemies a little tougher but felt more like a hindrance than a game mechanic.

When it comes to the audio, sounds didn’t seem to come from their source. Speech was loud at a certain point but moving closer to the speaker it got quieter, or not facing the source would cut too much volume out.

The puzzles in Cast VR are quite good. A little annoying when translated to a VR game with the previous movement and casting issues but fun and challenging none the less. The puzzles were well thought out and I’m sure with a little polishing will be a lot more fun. I don’t think it will take much to make Cast VR a much better game and I can’t wait to see what the developers have planned for future updates.

Cast VR was reviewed on PC using a digital copy provided by the developer.

Cast VR
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Fantastic architecture
Good puzzles
Weird audio
Touchy controls
Overly simply combat

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