Solstice of Heroes is back in Destiny 2 until September

Bungie has announced Solstice of Heroes has returned to Destiny 2 for the month of August. Kicking off today, until September 8, Solstice of Heroes is a free event for all Destiny 2 players and honours the sacrifices made by Guardians.

Eva Levante has returned to the Tower as part of Solstice of Heroes and players are able to return to the European Aerial Zone to take part in the daily elemental events. In the EAZ, players will take part in a 3-player matchmade activity and will search for chests.

The more they find, the greater the rewards.

Solstice of Heroes

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The element will change each day in the EAZ and by defeating enemies with the element of the day, players are able to craft and upgrade armour in the Tower. By upgrading enough, players can have their armour reach Majestic level which will glow with power from the Light.

Solstice Key Fragments allow players to raise their Power Level in addition to earning Solstice Packages which include gear and armour upgrades. Solstice of Heroes allows players to increase their collection score and earn two additional Triumphs.

New Eververse gear is available for purchase too.

Solstice of Heroes is live from today, August 12, through September 8, 2020.

Destiny 2 is free-to-play.

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