New Fable, finally, announced; is it a remake?

A brand-new Fable game was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase today. Long rumoured to be in development, a very short, pre-rendered trailer for Fable was shown, proving its humour and sensibilities are still intact.

Coming to Xbox Series X and Windows 10, it’s interesting to note that there’s been no mention of Xbox One in anything announced for Fable so far.

It’s also interesting that it’s not been given a number and is, so far, just called Fable.

Fable Xbox Series X

Given its lack of number, new developer and length in development, it seems possible that it could be a remake of the first game. Fable was a big deal for the original Xbox when it first launched and while it had its share of problems it was a great game.

Remaking the original would be a great way to bring back lapsed fans, introduce new players to the world of Fable and to show off the power of the Xbox Series X.

For now, we’ll continue to speculate and wait until we learn more details from Playground Games.

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