Transfer Student is an interesting new Hearthstone card from Scholomance Academy; list of all effects revealed

Having announced Scholomance Academy and revealed some of the new cards, Blizzard has raised eyebrows with one of the latter. Transfer Student is a 2/2 minion that is played with different effects depending on which board the game is being played on.

So far, we know that when Transfer Student is played on the Saviors of Uldum board, it gains Reborn. Blizzard’s Alec Dawson and Liv Breeden confirmed that the effects Transfer Student has will be based on the board in play.

We also learned that Blizzard hasn’t restricted Transfer Students effects to the current Standard Boards in play. When played in Wild format, Transfer Student will have different effects for each of those Boards too.

Hearthstone Transfer Student

It certainly adds yet another layer of RNG to Hearthstone, however, as a 2/2 2-cost minion, Transfer Student is a decent early game minion even without keywords.

Thanks to some clever people on Reddit, we now have a full list of all effects for all boards. Also, credit to Hearthstone Top Decks for compiling the list. Standard Boards are in bold.

HordeBattlecry: Deal 2 damage.
StormwindDivine Shield
PandariaBattlecry: Give a friendly minion +1/+2.
NaxxramasDeathrattle: Add a random Deathrattle minion to your hand.
GvGBattlecry and Deathrattle: Add a Spare Part to your hand.
BlackrockAt the end of your turn, reduce the Cost of a random card in your hand by (2).
TGTInspire: Draw a Card
LoE (Excavation)Battlecry: Add a random weapon to your hand.
LoE (Museum)Battlecry: Discover a new Basic Hero Power.
Old GodsBattlecry: Spend all your mana, summon a minion of that cost.
KarazhanBattlecry: Add a Karazhan portal spell to your hand.
Mean StreetsBattlecry: Give a random minion in your hand +2/+2.
Un’GoroBattlecry: Adapt.
Frozen ThroneDeathrattle: Add a random Death Knight card to your hand.
KoboldsBattlecry: Recruit a minion that costs (2) or less.
WitchwoodEcho, Rush
BoomsdayTaunt. If you have 10 Mana Crystals, gain +5/+5.
RastakhanRush, Overkill: Draw a card.
Rise of ShadowsBattlecry: Add a Lackey to your hand.
Uldum (Feet)Reborn
Uldum (Windmill)Battlecry: Add an Uldum plague spell to your hand.
DescentBattlecry: Discover a Dragon.
OutlandDormant for 2 turns. When this awakens, deal 3 damage to two random enemy minions.
Scholomance(Not released yet) Battlecry: Add a Dual Class card to your hand.

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