What you will need to create a website dedicated to online pokies

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Creating a website with online pokies involves many steps. Each of them requires expertise and a specialist of a certain profile. Website development is somewhat reminiscent of building a house. It is divided into different stages – pouring the foundation, construction of load-bearing walls, roofing, etc. If you skip one of the steps, you can’t build a house, and if you do, no one can live in it.

If we consider the stages of online pokies website development, then everything works on the same principle. If one of the steps of its creation is neglected or even skipped, then the whole idea loses its meaning, because the resource will not be able to work normally and perform its task, whether it be news or gaming website.

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Before making your own website dedicated to online pokies you must understand what stages are hidden behind the mysterious term “website creation”, and why each of them is important. As an example, you may take a look at finished solution here.

Objective of the project

The goal of website creation at the initial stage is to collecting and providing information to help “workers” clearly articulate the objectives of a future project. Therefore, the first question asked by the developer to the customer is: “Why do you want to create a site?”

In our case the goal is to build a perfect website with online pokie games. At the stage of setting and understanding the task, the performer begins to understand the client’s business and ask leading questions. He may ask about the advantages over competitors, potential visitors and what the client does not want to see on the resource. This helps to form a concept of what the client expects from the product, and what implementation methods should be used.

Plan for the online pokies website

Terms of Reference – a document in which the requirements for the project are fixed. It always precedes the creation of a website. With the help of this document it is determined how the product will ultimately will look like. Also, due to technical problems, the number of disagreements between the customer and the web studio is reduced. This is due to the fact that TR document minimizes the number of errors and the risks of failure to meet the deadlines.

The goals and objectives of the site determine the structure of the technical specifications. Such file usually includes:

  • description of the project, i.e. information about the business and the target audience;
  • goals and objectives;
  • glossary of terms;
  • applicable technologies and hosting requirements which can be facilitated at https://indexsy.com/best-web-hosting-canada/;
  • detailed structure;
  • design requirements;
  • layout requirements;
  • functionality;
  • description of internal pages;
  • graphic and text content;
  • project deadlines.

After writing and approving the terms of reference, you can accurately assess the cost of the project and call a clear timeline.

When the development of the concept of the site is over, the work proceeds to the next stage – design.

Design of the website dedicated to online pokies

Initially, website design development begins with prototyping. This is a schematic arrangement of blocks. Prototyping is done so that the customer sees the main elements of the pages, the structure of the site.

If everything suits the customer, a full-fledged design is developed. Only at this point does the web designer draw layouts. It is based on the terms of reference and builds on the entire concept of the site.

The main elements of design development:

  • style – the site is developed in a pre-selected style. Mixing of different elements is not allowed, which the visitor will certainly notice;
  • structure – the use of a modular grid will make the content visible and simple. Well-structured information is perceived by the user more easily;
  • call-to-action objects – buttons that call to make a certain action you want user to do on your webpages.

To make a good design, you need to clearly understand the target audience and its idea of the perfect site. After approval of the design, next stage is site layout.

Site Layout

The next stage of creation is layout or html-code structure creation. For site layout text or graphic programs are used. Proper layout should include:

  • cross-browser – the correct display of the resource in all popular web browsers;
  • Valid – CSS / HTML compliance with W3C standards.

Next step is programing.


The programming process is the stage linking together the control system, design and website interface. The website logic is also “implemented” algorithms for user interaction with the site and the relationship of the page with external resources are prescribed. So, at this stage of development, the design layout is transformed into a full site.

The programmer is engaged in improving the speed of loading the site, its engine, security.

Final Edits

Making and discussing edits is an important stage in the development of the site. The developer shows the client the final product, and he checks it: tests the buttons, evaluates the design and logic of the information. It often happens that the customer can see that a line has moved somewhere, the distance between the banners is not maintained or there is an inoperative link. The client passes all his comments to the developer and they are being finalized.

All the functions of the site are difficult to test immediately during the transfer to the customer. Therefore, most of the turnkey design studios provide customers with a 6-month warranty. During this time, if the customer encounters some kind of error, studio will fix it for free.

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