2D Cyberpunk RPG ‘Dex’ is coming to Switch this month

Dex, the 2D Cyberpunk RPG from developer Dreadlocks Ltd and publisher QubicGames, is coming to Switch in July 2020. Described as a 2D RPG with a Metroidvania twist, players control Dex, “a mysterious blue-haired girl on a mission to take down the powerful and enigmatic organization that rules the city of Harbour Prime. “

Featuring fully voice acted characters, branching storylines, multiple endings, upgrades, skills and more, Dex is a fully featured game in a 2D Cyberpunk package. Players can choose four distinct playstyles; silent assassin, gunfighter, diplomat or hacker.

Not only that, players can upgrade Dex by installing cybernetic augments and grant her superhuman abilities. These new abilities open new areas of Harbour Prime, so players will need to trek back and forth to explore everywhere.


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Dex began as a Kickstarter project which was successful and then released on Steam, followed by PS4, Vita and Xbox One. Now it’s coming to Switch and will cost $19.99 USD, however, anyone who owns any QubicGames title will receive a 25% discount if they pre-order.

QubicGames says Dex includes;

  • Deep RPG mechanics mixed with side-scrolling 2D action
  • Non-linear gameplay set in a cyberpunk open-world
  • Intriguing and mature plot in a neo-noir atmosphere
  • Multiple dialogue choices with branching outcomes
  • Full English voice over
  • Multiple playstyles – stealth, open combat, diplomat, hacker or a mix of the above
  • Various customization options – choose your equipment, skills and even cybernetic implant skills to open up new paths in the city
  • Unique hacking mechanic that lets you dive into Cyberspace

Dex will launch for Switch on July 25, 2020.

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