Bake ‘n Switch, a cute party brawler is coming to PS4

Bake ‘n Switch is a couch co-op, PvP party brawler from Malaysian developer Streamline Games. Previously announced for PC and Switch, it has now been announced for PS4 at the virtual BitSummit Gaiden conference.

Bake ‘n Switch is a party game at heart and a new gameplay trailer shows off the all the baking action. Up to four players play as one of four Bakers “punching, merging and baking adorable dough creatures to appease the Guardians of Dough.”

Players will need to make the biggest buns in order to get the most points before time runs out.

Bake ‘n Switch

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Beginning life as a Kickstarter project, Bake ‘n Switch has recently passed the stretch goal to be able to provide full online and local multiplayer at launch.

Dough is alive in Bake ‘n Switch and players will need to learn how to bake and flavour the dough to make the best buns. Streamline Games is promising;

  • 50+ Levels in 2 Worlds (Tropic Toaster and Serradurra) for the co-op campaign.
  • PVP free-for-all maps where it’s every Baker for themselves.
  • 10 Bun species with their own unique behaviours. Some useful, some troublesome.
  • 6 Bakers with abilities and strengths (fight, collect, Bun control).
  • 2 Multi-stage Boss fights + Boss Minion encounters.
  • Unlockable costumes from mastering advanced maps.

Bake ‘n Switch launches for PC and Switch this year. A date for the PS4 release has not yet been set.

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