Pre-registration for Nexon’s new MMORPG, V4, now open

Nexon has opened pre-registrations for its next MMORPG, V4. Set in the “idyllic” land of Syllunas, players will battle demons across multiple dimensions in order to defend the Alliance. Facing both the Guardian and Scoria Knights, the Alliance, players will have to fight together to save Syllunas.

Coming to PC and mobile, V4 is a cross-platform MMORPG and be pre-registering, players can claim exclusive rewards and bonus content. Pre-registration is available at

Built using the Unreal Engine, V4 is billed as being a visual powerhouse, with Syllunas once a paradise, now threatened by demons. In the pre-registration trailer, you can see the game’s visuals and visual effects on display.


In V4, players will experience a vast open-world, six offence-focused classes, alliances, exploration and PvP. Players keen to customise their character will be pleased with the more than 50 options available.

Customisation extends to weapons, armour and more, so your character is unique to you. Players will also experience the player driven Trading Post which will allow for the buying and selling of good with prices set by players.

Pre-registration for V4 is open now at

It will be available for PC and mobile.

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