New Skully gameplay trailer shows off beaches and volcanos

Skully, the action-adventure platformer that stars a skull has shown off some new gameplay in a brand-new trailer. This new trailer shows Skully’s abilities to hop, skip and jump across all manner of nice and nasty environments.

The trailer also introduces Terry, Skully’s friend and ally who offers helpful narration and advice. Terry suggests Skully jump into a pool of magical clay which sees him transform into a Golem.

It’s not just rolling around you’ll be doing as Skully. In Golem form, you can bash and smash your way through obstacles.


In Golem form, Skully can even toss himself over gaps using the power of his clay body. Sadly, said clay body will have to remain behind, but the journey can continue.

Skully is set on an island bound for destruction unless Skully and Terry can save the day. Players will explore seven distinct biomes and encounter all manner of platforming, puzzles and enemies.

Skully launches for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One on August 4, 2020.

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