Mad Rat Dead is the movie Crank if Jason Statham was a dancing rat

Remember that movie Crank and to a lesser extent Crank: High Voltage? If not, here’s a quick video to get you up to speed. In Crank, Jason Statham’s character Chev Chelios is poisoned and in order to stay alive, he has to keep his adrenaline pumping.

Mad Rat Dead, from NIS America, is essentially Crank, if Jason Stathm was a rat.

The titular mad rat is near death but he’s given a second chance at life and is able to relive his final day on earth. The only catch, he must pump his heart in time with the rhythm of the music otherwise his heartbeat will stop.

Mad Rat Dead

In Mad Rat Dead, players move the rat through each level by matching control inputs to the rhythm of the music. Unlockable music allows players to attempt levels again with different difficulties and a rewind button means you don’t ever have to fail.

NIS calls Mad Rat Dead a mix of cartoon visuals and a punk aesthetic. The visuals shift and change depending on the number of combos players perform, so the better you do, the funkier it gets.

Mad Rat Dead will launch for PS4 and Switch on November 6, 2020.

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