MapleStory’s next update includes a new region and a new class; Adele

MapleStory, having just recently celebrated its 15th birthday has announced its next major content update; Rise: Promise of the Guardian. The beginning of this update launched on June 10 and introduced new events for players to tackle.

Players were also introduced to Adele, the new playable class. Joining MapleStory on June 24, Adele wields Aether Swords made from magic. She has been available in Korea’s servers for some time and her popularity has seen her introduced globally.

MapleStory is currently in the throes of the Tera Burning event. Designed to help players level up, Tera Burning can see players ” rapidly gain a total of three level increases through each advancement up to level 200.” Reaching level 200, 205 and 210 during Tera Burning will net players bonus rewards.


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In the Rise: Promise of the Guardian update, players can participate in the following;

  • Rise Salon: The first stop on the journey, players level 101 and beyond can pop in after completing the ‘[Rise] Invitation to the Rise Salon’ quest through the event notifier.
  • Rise Fountain: Granting wishes to visitors, the Rise Fountain is an area where players can come to put their Rise Coins aside, earning themselves varied rewards.
  • Rise Coin Shop: The main shop in the Rise Salon, players will need to find Gilberto in the Rise Salon map to purchase a variety of items using Rise Coins.
  • Rise Royal Shop: For players looking for special items, the Rise Royal Shop is a player’s paradise. Maplers who find and chat with Melissa can purchase a multitude of items here with Rise Coins.
  • Rise Stamp Shop: Diligent players who collect all of the daily Salon Stamps can purchase a plethora of goods from the Rise Stamp Shop, which houses everything useful and convenient.
  • Rise Famous Painting: This painting is said to be the most cherished painting by Daria, the Rise Salon’s host. Players who use the Salon Stamp can acquire a mysterious buff from the painting.

On July 8, players at level 205 and above will be able to travel to Reverse City. Located along the Arcane River, Reverse City will show players what it’s like when the world goes topsy turvy.

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