Part 3 of World of Tanks’ 10th birthday adds the Sturmtiger for a limited time

The 10th birthday celebrations for World of Tanks keep rolling on. In Part 3 of the celebrations, Wargaming has finally given into fan requests and added the Sturmtiger to World of Tanks, for a limited time.

This limited time mode will be a special PvP game focused on the Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger. Part 3 of the birthday celebrations also adds new missions which get players closer to unlocking the 3D style for the T30.

The Sturmtiger was considered for World of Tanks, but due it its uniqueness it wasn’t an easy fit. Even though it’s not a tank that fits into the game easily, Wargaming wants to give its fans what they’ve been asking for.

World of Tanks

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Dmitriy Trofimov, Game Designer for World of Tanks said;

The Sturmtiger is a wonderful piece of military vehicle history, but the real-life vehicle itself is rather unbalanced, which made it very hard to naturally fit in our game all those years ago.

Its armour would be comparable to Tier VII or VIII, but its gun caliber… well, it’s something special. At 38cm, it’s 14cm more than anything else in our game.

The Sturmtiger will be a Tier X German tank and it will be one of the most agile tanks players have ever seen.

Players can take the Sturmtiger for a spin in teams of 10 across five maps; Ensk, Widepark, Tundra, Mines and Airfield. The special mode — Crouching Sturmtiger — will be available from June 17 through June 24.

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