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In this interview, we bring you the man behind the huge, successful web-based game store, GameTop. GameTop has a strong user base of over 20 million yearly. Here, you’ll find a library of free full version PC games that can be easily downloaded onto your PC. Their games contain no in-game advertisements and are free of malware and viruses.

Often seen as a disruptor in the ecosystem of the game industry, they have been serving free full version games to their audience for over 10 years. We talk to the founder of GameTop, Sergei, to understand more about the company.

Q: Could you tell us the reason behind a free game distribution company?

Sergei: Sure. Our company has a vision of making games, free for everyone. Since young, it has always been my dream to own a library full of free games. However free games were constantly associated with unwanted software, viruses, and piracy. There were also free games that constantly toyed with my feelings. These games often state “free games download” however after a few levels of gameplay, they force me into paying them before I could continue with my game. Thus I was determined to create a legitimate free full version game site for everyone; Game downloads where you can safely own and enjoy. GameTop lives by this vision. We don’t want cost to be the limiting factor for them to have access to fun games.

At the same time, we don’t want the developer’s hard work to go down the drain. That’s why we work with hundreds of developers, licensing their games. These provide them with an additional stream of income, making sure that their hard works are appreciated. Through such collaboration, developers’ work will be exposed to our huge user base. Their work will be screened on various channels of our free game sites, giving them the exposure and recognition that they deserve.

Q: Who downloads your games?

Sergei: Well we have a wide spectrum of people downloading our games. Ranging from kids to elderlies. In fact, our main traffic is made up of retirees and elderlies. They have been with us ever since we have started and are very supportive of us. Our audience is thankful for us for making their entertainment free of charge, adding colours to their lives. These are the feedbacks that we have accumulated over the years. This is also what keeps us going.

Q: What are some of the audience’s favorite genres?

Sergei: That would be our Hidden object games. We have an extensive library of hidden object games. Most of them are chargeable elsewhere. This might explain the popularity of this game genre. Nevertheless, Match 3 and Racing are also well-loved by our audience.

Q: What are the possible futures of GameTop?

Sergei: I see myself bringing more free full version games to the game community. Going into different niches such as mobile and tablets so that our users can be entertained on the move. Currently, we have two sister sites FastDownload and MacStop. FastDownload focuses on high speed downloading of small PC game files while MacStop specialises on free full version games for Mac OS. In the near future, users will be able to download free games onto their mobile. Free full version games will be available on various devices and operating systems. We will also work with more developers to bring in an even larger variety of games for our users.

Q: Is there anything in particular that you hope your audience would understand?

Sergei: Yes. Although we distribute our games for free, people need to understand that there are a lot of processes going through in making these games. Even free games require money for licensing. These unsung heroes behind the scene need money for their bread and butter. Therefore I hope people will continue to support the game community in every way they can. In GameTop, every user we have, give us the support needed to bring in more free games to their screen.

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Article Supplied

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