World of Tanks introduces a realistic Berlin and Battle Pass Season 2 in latest update

Wargaming has announced update 1.9.1 will launch for World of Tanks on June 11, 2020. The two major additions to the game in this update are a realistic map of Berlin and the Season 2 of the Battle Pass. Update 1.9.1 also adds a range of new customisation options for players.

The new, realistic Berlin map has “four main battle areas, finely detailed environments and instantly recognisable historic buildings.” The Berlin map will be added to the Random Battles pool.

New customisation options added with the update include decals that become progressivley “flashier” as more special objectives are completed, adjustable style sets and the opening up of nation and tier specific decals to all.

World of Tanks

Launching alongside update 1.9.1 is Season 2 of the Battle Pass. Players unlock stages in the Battle Pass by earning Progression Points in Random Battles.

Two top-tier tanks, the U.S. M48A5 Patton and the Czechoslovak TVP T 50/51, will be the stars of the show and will earn players more points. Awarded for completing Stage 45, this season’s main prizes are an exclusive 3D style and commander for one of these Tier X vehicles, chosen by the player.

Other rewards in the Battle Pass include Premium Days, Credits, blueprint fragments and new Bounty equipment.

Battle Pass Season 1 finishes its three-month run tomorrow, and the community really appreciated the experience and rewards. We began gathering feedback as soon as the first season commenced so we’re able to seamlessly phase into the Season 2. We’re sure when it kicks off again in two days’ time, players will really like what they can get their hands on!

Max Chuvalov, Publishing Director, World of Tanks.

World of Tanks is available, free-to-play on PC.

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