How Does Casino Affiliation Work?

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Online casinos have been around since the early days of the internet but things are developing at the rapid speed these days, so we are now talking about a huge industry, which measures in billions of dollars. The number of online casino websites is huge these days and it measures in hundreds, if not thousands. So, you probably wonder how they attract new customers.

The answer would be through affiliate programs. Affiliates are an essential part of the internet marketing and as online casino is some kind of a trade, where houses sell their services and players buy them through playing, affiliates are present in the online casino industry as well.

Why Online Affiliation Casino?

Affiliate programs have proved themselves as some of the best internet marketing methods. Simply, both sides will benefit from this deal. From the casino’s standpoint, this is a convenient and super-cheap method to attract new customers. Moreover, it leaves the house plenty of space to focus on other things than marketing.

Obviously, affiliates benefit as well. With every new player they bring to a website, they will get a prize. This is a rare case in the casino world where we can say that both sides are winning sides.

So, What’s the Catch?

Things are pretty simple as affiliates do the same job here as they would do on Amazon, for example. Affiliates are a connection between casinos and customers. They are responsible for finding new customers and they get a reward for every new customer.

So, the main task is to drive traffic to a site of a certain casino. This can be done in many ways but in most cases, it’s all about blogs and websites. Affiliates have their own sites, where they promote certain houses. We are talking about blogs or websites that include guides, top picks and other pages that promote online casinos.

Of course, these websites include affiliate links to casinos. So, when a customer visits a casino website through an affiliate link, the affiliate gets rewarded. When it comes to rewards and earnings, there are a couple of different programs affiliates can agree with online casinos.

Online Casino Affiliate Programs

We know three basic types of affiliate programs. Those would be Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition and Revenue Program.

Cost Per Lead, or simply CPL, the probably the most common affiliate program. Things are pretty simple here, as we are talking about a one-time deal. So, when an affiliate brings a new customer to a casino website, he gets a reward. The commission will be paid once the new player signs up and the fee is fixed. Signing up would be enough, while the amount of money that player spends is irrelevant in this case.

With the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) program, things are a little bit different. This is not a one-time deal, but rather an extended one. Affiliates get commission every time a player makes a new deposit. In most cases, there is a minimum deposit amount, while players also need to wager at least some of this amount.

Finally, there is the Revenue Program. This one is quite similar to the CPA, but there are a few differences. This is also a long-term deal but instead of commissions for signup and every deposit, the prize depends on the sum a player loses in a casino.

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