Submarines return in World of Warships

Submarines are back in World of Warships for a limited time. A new, temporary battle type is being introduced tomorrow and will allow players to take part in submarine battles. This mode will let players fight above and below the water and will reintroduce submarines to the game.

Since they were first introduced in technical tests, submarines have undergone many changes;

  • Sonar pings: Used to help the effectiveness of your torpedoes but at the risk of increasing your visibility.
  • Battery charge: Submarine batter is used up with each sonar ping and also while moving at high speeds underwater. Battery charge can be restored by returning to the surface or reducing speed.
  • Depth charges: Ship units can fight against submerged submarine units by dropping depth charges. 

Starting at 7am on May 28 AEST until 7am on June 25, players can login daily and receive submarine tokens. These tokens unlock random battles and special combat missions will “also be included that reward XP for destroying different kinds of units.”

World of Warships Submarines

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Submarines are fragile and cautious hunters. Diving depth affects their detectability, viewing range, and interaction possibilities with other submarines and ships. Maneuver, change your diving depth, hide from your enemies, and surprise them with stealth attacks from the flanks.

Submarines have a small HP pool, so stick to the flanks and attack your opponents from afar or while submerged.

Keep an eye on all enemy destroyers, and cruisers such as VI Dallas, VI Budyonny, VI Leander, and VI Perth, as they are carrying depth charges. Change position often, try to enlist the support of your teammates, and use the Maximum Depth consumable in case of immediate danger.

The primary targets for submarines should be sluggish ships—any agile targets that are capable of making anti-torpedo maneuvers are difficult to hit.

For more informaiton on Submarine Battles head here.

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