Inkulinati is a madcap, hand-drawn turn-based strategy game featuring farting donkeys

Yaza Games has just launched the Kickstarter for its hand-drawn, turn-based strategy game Inkulinati. Pegged as a Monty Pythonesque take on real-life medieval illustrations, Inkulinati features hand-drawn animals and creatures battling across the pages of an ancient manuscript.

Yaza Games has lightheartedly claimed the concept artists for Inkulinati are 700-year old monks and scribes. Playing as the Master of the Living Ink, players will lead their illustrated army on a quest across the manuscript’s pages.

According to Yaza Games;

Inkulinati is a result of us wanting to bring the art of medieval manuscripts into the world of 21st century gaming. I mean, when you see images like these below, who wouldn’t want to see this in action?!


The dev team, in its research, learned that the armies of rabbits and dogs, in thes ancient illustrations, were portrayed as opposing forces. “We knew right there and then that we had to make a strategy game. We also knew that the humour of marginalia had to be one of the key gameplay features”. 

By using the Living Ink, players will be able to draw their own armies onto the page and battle with the enemy to emerge victorious. Their beasts will use all manner of weird and wonderful abilities and attacks. For example,

It’s almost impossible to have a game based on medieval manuscripts and NOT have “mooning”, aka exposing your buttocks, playing the trumpet with your bum, praying or breathing fire through your, you guessed it, bum again

The single-player campaign will include such “celebrity” opponents as Death and Dante Aligheri.

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Inkulinati looks like an absolute riot and the art style and aesthetics are gorgeous. The Kickstarter is 50% complete at the time of publishing and if successful, Inkulinati will be released for PC in 2021.

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