Paradise Lost sees you exploring a post-nuclear Polish wasteland on PC and consoles

A brand-new teaser trailer for Paradise Lost has been released. Described as a “mystery adventure game,” Paradise Lost tells the story of a 12-year old boy who discovers a Nazi bunker in a Polish wasteland following a nuclear holocaust. Set in an alternate history, in which World War II never ended, Poland and Germany are destroyed after the Nazis turn their warheads on themselves.

Paradise Lost is a story-driven adventure that requires players to explore the underground bunker in order to move forward and discover the mysteries of the Nazis who lived there.

Player choice will apparenlty play a big role in influencing the story with a different narrative unfolding in each playthrough.

Paradise Lost

The trailer above provides some context for the game and the dialogue from it is below.

We can stay silent no longer. The government has yet to make an official statement, but nonetheless we must say it clearly. The world as we know it perished today. In their desperation, the Nazis unleashed nuclear weapons on their homeland and Poland, which has been under occupation for the last 20 years. We suspect that most of the soldiers on both fronts have perished. Only time will reveal the scale of the damage and the next steps of the Third Reich. Once again, we have seen that the enemy is prepared to push humanity to the brink of no return. Reports from the continent paint a grim picture. We pray for our soldiers who have fallen fighting evil.

We pray for the Polish people who have suffered enough under the yoke of the Nazi terror, persecuted and decimated for two decades. We pray for those who have survived – may they find the strength to persevere and prove that life can overcome death even in a barren, radioactive desert. We do not know what tomorrow may bring, but we must believe that there is still a hope for humanity. We promise that we would be here for you until the very end, serving truth and our ideals.

May the Lord watch over us all.

Paradise Lost is coming to PC in 2020 with consoles TBA.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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