Civilization VI New Frontier Pass will add new content on a bi-monthly basis

2K and Firaxis have announced the New Frontier Pass for Civilization VI on consoles and PC. This new content will be rolled out at a bi-monthly schedule and will introduce eight new civilisations, nine new leaders, six new game mode and more to Civilization VI. The first pack, Maya & Grand Colombia, is available now.

In this first content drop, players will gain access to two new leaders; Lady Six Sky of the Maya civilization and Simón Bolívar of Gran Colombia. The new leaders introduce new units, districts and more.

A new game mode, Apocalypse, has also been added, which requires the Gathering Storm expansion. Apocalypse adds Forest Fires and Meteor Showers as disaster types in all games as well as optional specialised games.

Civilization VI New Frontier Pass

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As detailed by 2K, the new features included in this pack are;

  • New Leader: Lady Six Sky of the Maya civilization
    • Includes unique Hul’che unit and Observatory District
  • New Leader: Simón Bolívar of Gran Colombia
    • Includes unique Comandate General and Llanero units, as well as the Hacienda unique improvement
  • New Game Mode: “Apocalypse” Game Mode (requires Civilization® VI: Gathering Storm expansion to play)
    • Adds Forest Fires and Meteor Showers as disaster types to all games
    • Optional, specialized game mode with exclusive rule changes:
      • New disasters: Comet Impact and Solar Flares
      • Larger versions of existing disasters
      • New military unit: Soothsayer, a Support unit that can trigger natural disasters at the player’s command
      • New scored competition: Sacrifice units to volcanoes. Requires Soothsayers to use their unique action on friendly units near a volcano
      • The world enters an apocalyptic state when climate change reaches its maximum level
  • New Resources: Honey (luxury), Maize (bonus)
  • New Natural Wonders: Bermuda Triangle, Paititi, Fountain of Youth
  • New City-States: Caguana (cultural), Singapore (industrial), Lahore (militaristic), Vatican City (religious), Taruga (scientific), Hunza (trade)

2K and Firaxis have also released a roadmap for the content coming with the New Frontier Pass and revealed that the second pack, coming in July will be based around Ethiopa. It will include one new civilisation, one new leader and more.

In addition to the news of the New Frontier Pass, Civilization VI is currently free on the Epic Games Store. You can find it here.

The New Frontier Pass is available for $59.95 AUD and the Maya & Grand Colombia Pack is available separately for $13.45 AUD.

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