Warframe Home Devstream 3

Not to be outdone by the lockdown restrictions imposed by the Canadian government, the team at Digital Extremes got together (virtually) to provide Warframe fans with a Devstream… from the relative comfort of their homes.

The dedication to the community is astounding.

Of course, not everything has been rosy in theworld of Warframe recently, but the team has acknowledged community feedback, and in several sweeping recent updates, have made long-requested changes to the core of the game – of course, at the detriment of new content (which was sadly delayed by COVID-19).

And there’s more to come – MORE to sate long-term and new fans alike! Perhaps the lockdown has been a good thing – a little spring cleaning never hurt anyone.

So what did the team go over this time around?

  • Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, they outlined the Road to TennoCon – all of the updates between now and TennoCon (July 11)
    • Nightwave Series 3, coming this week!
    • Deadlock Protocol coming late May/early June!
    • Sadly, they also confirmed that the Duviri Paradox will move into 2021
  • Ash Deluxe was shown off, and an upcoming Leverian submission was announced
  • Khora Deluxe was shown off – in-game!
  • Again – Nightwave 3 is expected to hit all platforms this week (now confirmed for tomorrow)!

Warframe Devstream

  • There is a ‘Hard Mode’ planned as a kind of “prestige” to the Star Chart nodes!
  • The DE Team’s video from home
  • …and much more!

All of this (and more) can be seen in the full video below. Enjoy!

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