‘Cure Cancer’ is looking for Superhero Streamers

Fundraising organisation ‘Cure Cancer’ is looking for Superhero Streamers to join its fight against cancer. Beginning on National Superhero Day (April 28) and running until May 31, 2020, Cure Cancer’s Superhero Streamers initiative is seeking to raise $90,000 for cancer research.

How Superhero Streamers works is pretty simple. Cure Cancer is asking anyone, new to streaming or a pro, to get online and showcase their Superpower by streaming though Tiltify via the Superhero Streamers page.

If $90,000 is raised, Cure Cancer will have raised enough to “fund a full year of innovative, groundbreaking cancer research.”

Cure Cancer

Cure Cancer has been raising funds for cancer research for 53 years and has;

funded over 300 amazing young cancer researchers. But with COVID-19
bringing fundraising close to standstill, we are now fighting to ensure we can continue to support our superheroes.

In the next three months, it’s estimated that there will be a loss of over $500,000 in funds raised. That equates to over 10,000 hours of cancer research.

147,956 cases of cancer are estimated to be diagnosed in Australia this year. That’s an increase of over 3,000 in 2019. While the situation is challenging, we hope that it will help to strengthen our community as we all commit to doing what we can.

If you’re interested in joining up to become a Superhero Streamer, head to the Cure Cancer and Tiltify pages. Those who do sign up and raise funds will go in the running to win some great prizes too.

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