Esports offers an alternative to traditional sports during lockdown

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It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt the traditional sports and betting industry a massive blow. Several games and tournaments have had to be postponed or cancelled altogether. With massive cancellations and postponement of major sporting events, punters and bettors have had to grapple with where to place bets for their favourite games. The UK and Australia have had their fair share of disruption in their sports calendar and betting opportunities for punters. Fortunately, esports is offering an alternative for avid sports and betting enthusiasts to continue doing what they love.

Esports betting in the UK & Australia

The UK generally has limited options for esports betting because there are just a few mainstream betting websites that offer the service. The few websites that are available that are serving that need are providing unique features which calls on you to make certain consideration before you decide to play.

In Australia, things are quite different as there are various esports betting sites available for punters there to choose from. All you have to do if you are a betting enthusiast in Australia is to simply sign-up at a licensed and government regulated esports betting website. This ensures that you will be doing legal betting that is lawful and you won’t have any issue with the government.

Betting on esports

Placing a bet on your favourite esports games is not that complicated like many folks out there usually think. In fact, betting on esports is much similar to the process of betting on any other type of sports betting market. You should be able to find the esports betting market at the sports section of the given bookmarker. You should also be able to find options for both in-play betting and pre-match markets. There are three major esports betting markets which include; match winner, map betting, and special bets. In the match-winner esports betting market, it is pretty obvious as you will be required to correctly predict the team that will win the match.

For map betting it is also almost similar with the match-winner, however, with it, you also have the option of placing a bet as to whether a certain team will have less or more kills on an over/under market. For the special bets, it involves betting on which team that will get the first kill or even who will first kill a specific creature (could be a dragon, baron, etc.). Finally, in special bets, you will have the opportunity to bet on the exact score of the match. What this means is that you will have to predict both the number of rounds as well as the match-winner.

Best betting guides and betting offers for esports

Just like any other type of gambling, you need always to be cautious when placing bets on esports. Having extensive knowledge on the particular esports game you are betting on is advised as this will help to avoid suffering losses. Having extensive knowledge of the sport means knowing the strengths and weakness of any given team you wish to bet on. The best way to go about betting in esports betting is by researching about their previous meeting.  You will be able to see the team that has had the most wins over the other and this will help you to place informed bets based on the statistics. According to experts, it is never a good idea to place bets before the start of a match unless there is a truly profitable opportunity available for you to grab! In most video games, the first few minutes usually influences the outcome of the entire game.

As for the best betting offers available for esports, there are various good bookmarkers available offering them. For instance, 22 Bet offers up to 1,000+ live events on a daily basis, over 90% payouts on the top leagues, and cashouts. 888sport offers 40+ sports that you can opt to bet on and also the bet builder option. Bet365 also offers a wide range of sports and markets to choose from, it also features live streaming and cashes out service. 


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