The Revival of Classic Board Games during Global Pandemic

The world has been witness to some of the most unbelievable events in the space of only a few weeks. We have witnessed the devastating effect the Coronavirus has had on the world but we have also seen countries stand united, defeat the disease and fight to regain normality. Families have been forced to remain at home so as to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and with this comes a sense of unity and through social media, we can keep up with all the light-hearted fun families are having together.

Social media has also been good in terms of getting fresh new ideas and adventurous activities for the entire family to embark on. One of the most talked-about topics online is the revival of classic board games during this frightening time and how they have alleviated some of the stress, whether it’s for the entire family or those in self-isolation, there are games to be enjoyed and you don’t need to order them, they can be played online.

The Booming Board Game Market

There is no surprise that some markets have seen a rapid decline in sales if not altogether. This is only one of the very many devastating effects of the Coronavirus. But there are some markets that have been thriving during this time. Board games have sporadically been coming back to life through social media and even conference calls. Online board games can easily be downloaded to smart devices and games can be played online via web browsers.

The Most Popular Board Game Booms

Naturally, the most popular games to play are old school ones. Thanks to modern technology, the theme of these famed board games can be found in NZ free spins casinos. There has been a moderate increase in games based on board games such as Monopoly and Cluedo. Not only are players able to access the actual games but they can play interactive themed slots games according to the layout of such games.

This is a refreshing approach to board gaming and while the kids are kept entertained with their Monopolykid version, the adults can opt to play the board games online or play free spins based on any one of the popular board games that are currently trending.

The Allure of Popular Board Game Spins

New Zealand offers a staggering range of innovative games that can be enjoyed at kiwi online casinos. One of the features to make these themed board games so special are the free spin bonuses which allow players to try out the games before wagering cash on them. Once players are satisfied with the layout of the game and can see the uncanny resemblance of games such as Monopoly, Solitaire, Cluedo and others like it, they can then opt for the additional high that adds adrenaline to the game, the addition of real cash only heightens the experience and as a result, there are many games to choose from.

Monopoly Slots

One of the most popular board games to date, one that creates a bizarre love-hate relationship between itself and the player, one that has almost torn families apart and then reunited them, is Monopoly. This game has been recreated over and over again. There are variants for children, variants for adults who enjoy the occasional reward of liquor upon winning and then there are new additions that have recently been introduced into online casinos across New Zealand. Scientific Gaming has been working diligently in recreating the game and delivering the most sensational Monopoly slots games to mobile devices. The combination of slots and Monopoly has made this mobile application one massive hit and fans across the globe are hoping to see more like it.

With gaming developers reinventing popular and classic board games, there is bound to be some commotion at home. So if you hear your neighbours screaming in glee, you might think that they were brave enough to download the game and will only be able to keep it from their families for so long in lockdown. Pretty soon the secret will be out and all adults will be partaking in the fun online while the kids get the boards to themselves!

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